How Do You Use A Yoga Ball?

by Kimberly A. Cook                    (Twitter@ WarriorTales)

I have several yoga/exercise balls around the house I’m not using. Seems like these kids have come up with a great way to exercise and entertain themselves. They’re having so much fun with the simple skill of playing ball!

Have a great weekend and Happy Quirky Friday!

P.S. You have to watch it on YouTube!


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Have You Checked Out A Local Historical Society?

by Kimberly A. Cook                  (Twitter@ WarriorTales)

The only thing I like better than going on vacation to Maui is to do book research while there. My passion for hunting the quirky was indulged this past week while on the beautiful Valley Isle, even though Mother Nature provided a heat wave too.

The Maui Historical Society has a list of their archive items online on their website. I checked it out a couple of months ago while getting ready for the trip. I spied a group of documents titled World War II and a gem about one Navy ship. Decided I had to check out the file.

Bailey House Museum of the Maui Historical Society in Wailuku.

Bailey House Museum of the Maui Historical Society in Wailuku.

Called the Society when we arrived and made an appointment later in the week to review the file plus two others. Can’t wait to tell you about those gems later this Fall. (I keep saying Fall because I’m not ready for it.)

I felt so official, having my appointment, my notepad and camera along. They provided white cotton gloves to view the items, so not only did I feel like Mickey Mouse, but I was in hog heaven for a good hour. Paid for copies to be made of the items I wanted to take home. Took some non-flash photos of others.

Discovered a gem in the file about the Navy ship and some hand written letters which related to it too. Score! To me there is nothing like original research and archival documents. In this age of digital everything, for me there is true romance in touching paper other human hands used to write letters and communicate.

In the Museum basement reviewing archive documents with my fabulous white gloves. Hair explained by heat wave.

In the Museum basement reviewing archive documents with my fabulous white gloves. Hair explained by heat wave.

Call me old school, but it really gives you a feel for the person and the times when you can touch the photos, see the loops of their hand writing and bond with history.

If you have a certain area of interest, genre or passion, check it out at your local historical society. You may be excited with new inspiration and support the local keepers of the past. It’s a win for everyone!

Are you a history detective? Explore your local historical societies and museums today.



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We’ve Got More Kittens, Er Cubs!

by Kimberly A. Cook           (Twitter@ WarriorTales)

There seems to be a baby boom at the Oregon Zoo. Now we have more lion cubs! It’s a kittenpalooza. Check out first time Mom Kya and the wonderful job she is doing. I am sure there will be more family films soon.

Happy Quirky Friday!

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Time To Think About Fall Projects?

by Kimberly A. Cook            (Twitter@ Warrior Tales)

My friend Carol and I have a standing joke at the end of each year, our mantra is “Next year I’m going to get organized!” Seems no matter how hard we try, life gets in the way and our to do lists never get completed.

What is it about writing, Fall and organization? Christmas seems to surprise folks each year, even though the day is pretty well set. What do you want to accomplish by the end of this year? Let’s forget about next year right now.

While I try and figure out how I can clean out the garage, purge the unused holiday stuff and knit, write, complete a few books and keep the cat happy, it seems a bit of a daunting task. Think I will pick my top three and go with that.

What’s on your to do list for this year? Here comes Fall!


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Ready For A Round Of Bear Golf?

by Kimberly A. Cook         (Twitter@ WarriorTales)

You never know who might show up to play a round of golf. These guys were playing through when a young bear cub decided to join in. His Mom was watching from very close by, but the lad has got some good moves.

Have a great weekend and Happy Quirky Friday!

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Loving Those Fat Guys In The Woods!

by Kimberly A. Cook           (Twitter@ WarriorTales)

My newest guilty pleasure is the Weather Channel’s television show “Fat Guys In The Woods.” While the title might seem a little off-putting, it’s a great premise. Creek Stewart, resident survival expert and hottie, teaches three men how to live off the land for five days with a knife, backpack and water canteen or filter. That is all the gear they get. Not one cracker or Oreo.

While these men are from all walks of life, the need to unplug and get back to nature is a life changing event for them. Creek keeps it real and genuinely cares about helping the men make a shift to test themselves and make major life decisions.

Stewart also offers valuable survival tips for everyone and relates the fact we are at the top of the food chain, but pudgy because we’ve lost our survival karma. He thinks we all depend too much on gear and need to know the basics when our gear breaks.

I clicked over to his website and found out he’s an indie published author too. He started as a college sophomore. He quickly learned some author life lessons as well.

In the military we always knew the first thing to go haywire was communications and then whatever piece of equipment you really needed. Improvise, adapt and overcome came from the military and family camping trips. Even the backup plans were usually toast in a matter of minutes.

If you’d like a look at a fun new show that’s educational too, check it out on the Weather Channel on Sunday nights. The show’s tagline is, “Off The Couch and Into The Woods.” In my case, the La-Z-Boy.

Link to Creek’s web site about how he started and became an author:


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It’s Time For A Bunny Break!

by Kimberly A. Cook                     (Twitter@ WarriorTales)

There’s a bit of Fall snap in the air, even though we still have high temps here in Oregon. So what better way to get ready for the coming cool weather than to practice snuggling? What better role model than two baby bunnies!

How cute are these guys who are eating very carefully and sharing. Have a great weekend and Happy Quirky Friday!

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