Time To Unleash Your Inner Pancake Chef!

by Kimberly A. Cook            (Twitter@   WarriorTales)

There are few things I love more than pie, cake and cookies, but pancakes are right up there – fighting with French Toast of course. Today is a very special day because it’s National Pancake Day Eve! That’s right bakers, tomorrow is National Pancake Day! Break out your whisks!

So in honor of this mega holiday, the following video. HOWEVER, beware of the typo in the video, it is 2 TEASPOONS of baking powder, not 2 tablespoons. HUGE difference in a recipe. My favorite is blueberry pancakes, so feel free to throw in some berries too. Then there are the syrups to ponder. Maple or blueberry? Yes to both! Pancake toasts all around!

And because I could not resist the singing husky pup video, you are getting a two-fer today! It’s a pancake and puppy palooza! Happy Quirky Friday and have a great weekend!



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Who Says Machines Are In Charge?

by Kimberly A. Cook              (Twitter@   WarriorTales)

Rant Alert: Does anyone remember volunteering to be our own tech support? At what point in this global digital age did some engineering genius decide us lay folk consumers not only knew enough to fix our own electronic products, but that we wanted to? Not me, I just want the darn things to work.

Social Media Old School - Classic Underwood typewriter at the Jefferson County Historical Society Museum in Madras, Oregon

This does not need a battery, a cable, a modem or an electrical plug-in. It’s a classic Underwood typewriter at the Jefferson County Historical Society Museum in Madras, Oregon. Sigh.

Kept getting calls from my cable provider that I needed to change out my modem. They said I needed to upgrade so I could get faster speeds and more fabulous things. I can barely use the basic package of channels as it is. If it wasn’t for the PAC-12 and NFL Channels, I’d be on budget cable because all I need to survive is HGTV, Hallmark, Food Network, Animal Planet and the Weather Channel. I don’t really NEED new channels or quicker download speeds; I don’t surf that fast.

But they made it sound like the universe would explode if I didn’t do it soon, but I ignored the phone calls. Then one day while logging onto my computer a whole series of cable company messages flashed on the screen about how I must get the new modem before a swarm of locusts attack my computer. Really? You’re now intruding on my computer since I have a tv, phone, Internet “bundle?”

Fine! I logged onto the web site and they were sending me my amazing, free new modem. It arrived like the next day on my front porch, complete with simple instructions to install myself. Why do I have to do their work?

The “simple” instructions are a tad confusing since I also maintain my own router due to paranoia. Mix my military background with my imagination and you can’t convince me big brother cable isn’t trying to use my home as a W-Fi hot spot or the next landing zone for the colonization teams from Tron. While I’m paying the electric bill for it all to boot.

The fabo new modem is still sitting in its box. I will get to it when I’m ready. It’s personal. The day they put those self scan check out machines in my grocery store I drew the line in the sand. I tried it one time and the machine kept yelling at me about moving my plastic bag at the wrong time and that was it.

Now I snub those self scan check out lines, I push my cart right over and wait in line for a human checker. I get to read the gossip magazine covers, scan for new snacks and candies and find out what my fellow shoppers are buying. It’s a bonding experience with a real person talking to me without yelling instructions. And I don’t even have to touch my bags, they pack my groceries too. Simple is best. Hear that cable companies?

You can’t convince me we aren’t close to designer pick only your fav channels packages or else  everyone will dump cable and head to Amazon video. Somehow I’m betting Amazon wouldn’t make me install my own modem; they’re getting delivery drones!  Take back your channels America!


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Ready For Some Ferret Fun?

by Kimberly A. Cook              (Twitter@ WarriorTales)

One of my apartment roommates in the Army was Debbie and she had a cat named Kitty and a ferret named CB. Having never lived with a ferret, I soon found out they are like cats on steroids; three times as curious, smaller and faster with the brain power of a Border Collie.

CB loved my shoes so I quickly learned to be wide awake when dressing in the morning. You haven’t lived until you’ve tried to stuff your foot in a loafer filled with sleeping ferret at O dark 30. CB also loved to play in Kitty’s litter box which did not amuse her one bit.

So in the interest of Quirky Friday, here are some ferrets having fun with packing peanuts! Have a great weekend!

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Time To Hide The Gnomes And Trim The Roses

by Kimberly A. Cook             (Twitter@ WarriorTales)

Last week was a bit nuts. Came home on Feb. 9th during the Pineapple Express rainstorm at 8 p.m. and found the gusting winds had flattened part of my backyard fence. Oh joy. So while I was out making macrame out of my orange extension cords and using my black and yellow caution tape to secure the kinda upright fence sections from killing someone, it occurred to me that might be an odd thing – that I didn’t have r0pe, but I had Caution tape.

Gnomes, rabbits and frogs sequestered at an undisclosed location. Gnomeo seems too happy Juliet is gone. What's up with that?

Gnomes, rabbits and frogs sequestered at an undisclosed location. Gnomeo seems too happy Juliet is gone. Suspicious?

One never knows what supplies are about with a writer in the house. After an hour out in the “Dark and Stormy Night” as Snoopy would write, I came inside, peeled off wet clothes, gave Spec Ops Cat thirty minutes of lap time and hit the sack.

Later in the week on Friday the 13th our Governor resigned, on Saturday we all celebrated Valentine’s Day, Oregon’s 156th and my Mom’s birthday, plus tore apart the damaged fence with help from big elves. A fun time was had by all, assisted by the fact there were not one, but two birthday cakes to eat.

I think cake fixes everything. Except fences, but you don’t care when you have chocolate cake.

Because part of my yard was unsecured, I had to round-up the gnomes, bunnies, flamingoes, turtles, polar bear and frogs. I’ve been the victim of a gnome kidnapping before and the trauma still haunts me. During the big gnome relocation I realized I’ve got a herd of yard art.

Then I got really paranoid and moved the lawn swing inside for safe keeping too. There was one casualty. When I reached to get the mega-hammer from the tool box to break apart the fence with my elf helpers, I hit Gnomeo with my foot and he hit Juliet who fell over and broke in two. Rats!

Now she has to go to the hospital to get fixed. I’m thinking Gorilla Glue and red Duct Tape. We shall see. So what did I do until I can get Juliet to the hospital? I went ahead and trimmed the roses, which is what we do here in Portland Rose Festival land on President’s Day.

Regardless of politics, rain storms, damaged yard art and flat fences, it’s time to trim the roses! But everything is fine here because there are leftover chocolate birthday cupcakes. Life is good!


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Happy Almost Valentine’s Day Everyone!

Kimberly A. Cook                   (Twitter@  WarriorTales)

Valentine’s Day Eve, the day when those of us who are single get to buy ourselves presents! The current man in my life at the moment, Spec Ops Cat, is a little tight with his wallet so I shop for myself. Let me tell you, I have excellent taste.

So what better way to celebrate the almost holiday than to view one of my favorite romantic scenes of all time from the only perfect movie version of “Pride and Prejudice” in my opinion, this fabulous clip. See, we all love it so much folks put it on YouTube. And, yes, “The course of true love never did run smooth;” did it Shakespeare?

And huge Happy Birthday hugs and love to my Mom, the best Valentine’s Day baby ever!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all and Happy Quirky Friday!


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Sending Blooms To Boston

by Kimberly A. Cook           (Twitter@ WarriorTales)

Boston, I don’t know what to tell you. You’re dealing with a snowtastrophe. I spent this past weekend thrilled to PIP (Putter In Place) at home for two days while we got hit with rain from the Pineapple Express. Boston folks are experiencing cabin fever of epic proportions at this point and I bet it’s not too fun.

Saw a YouTube video of a cat losing it trying to get out the front door of snow.  How do you even explain it to your dogs? Do they have doggie snow poop scoopers?

Mom brought this over Sunday from her back yard. Gorgeous camellia. No, she does not have a green house.

Mom brought this over Sunday from her backyard. Gorgeous camellia. No, she does not have a green house.

Since Mr. Whiskers the hedgehog at the Oregon Zoo predicted an early Spring for those of us on the West Coast, his record is 1 percent better than old Phil the Groundhog’s (40% to 39%), I feel I should apologize since we’re getting an early spring out West. They’re even predicting 65 degree weather here on Friday. I kid you not. Of course that unleashes the tree pollen, but I bet Boston would take that too.

So the best thing I can do is perhaps give you  hope that blooms will blossom eventually by showing you some of ours.

My saxifrasia will survive even a nuclear blast I think, but the cold weather didn’t slow them down this past winter. This backyard one was so happy in its pot I didn’t even realize it had bloomed. What a wonderful surprise. So I know you Boston folks are tough and I hope storm Marcus eases up on you soon.

Valentine’s Day is coming, so maybe you can make red or pink snow hearts? Use cherry juice? Seems you have plenty of snow to work with right now.  Hope the Blooms for Boston help!

Have you noticed the pink theme with my plant blooms? Pink rocks!

Have you noticed the pink theme with my plant blooms? Pink rocks!


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Have You Seen Snowball Cat?

by Kimberly A. Cook              (Twitter@ WarriorTales)

The East Coast, New England and Boston are getting hammered by yet another snow storm. They are truly living the movie “Groundhog Day.” Well, it seems like one cat is taking this all in stride and has some pretty cool moves.

Don’t mess with snowball catching cat, he might just throw it back at you!

Have a great weekend and Happy Quirky Friday.

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