Adventures In Military Writing

By Kimberly A. Cook     (Twitter @WarriorTales)

Social media can make your head explode.  Facebook just announced another change in format this week. Almost had it figured out. The only constant is change and chaos. I’ve always decided to do my own thing, always have, so life is more fun and interesting that way. In this era of digital publishing everything is up for grabs. I decided several years ago to publish my own work, surrender to ebooks and have more fun.  Social media became a new quest.

Social Media Old School – Classic Underwood typewriter at the Jefferson County Historical Society Museum in Madras, Oregon

First was YouTube movies of my cat and then Twitter to give writing tips. Kicking and screaming I went to Facebook. Now its blog time. I enjoy all 140 characters of Twitter, as a former journalist, I find it a challenge to tell a mini-story within the box.

The Facebook 420 character limit sometimes gets in my way. A lifelong learner, I like to share information and insights about the writing life. Quirky is always  involved.  

A military veteran, photographer and rookie videographer, I consider myself an adventuress. Let’s see what trouble we can all get in with my blog!

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