When Is A SEAL Not A SEAL?

by Kimberly A. Cook                               (Twitter @WarriorTales)

It helps to have a sense of humor in the military. If you’re in Special Operations, it’s required equipment. In 2006 I attended author Suzanne Brockmann’s reader event in Atlanta, Georgia. One guest speaker was retired Navy Lt. Cmdr. Tom Rancich.  A Navy SEAL, Tom answered our questions and told some great stories.

When Suzanne got ready to promote her next military romance book with Navy SEAL characters, Tom agreed to tape some YouTube videos.  Check out this great story about how Tom met himself. If you want to know how Tom met Suzanne, after learning he was THE Navy SEAL who inspired her book series, check out http://www.warriortales.com/warriortalestv/favvideos.html  Happy Quirky Friday!

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