What Is Your Pumpkin Pie Book?

by Kimberly A. Cook       

What Is Your Pumpkin Pie Book? One of my favorite authors, Janet Evanovich, releases her new book today Explosive Eighteen. What better Thanksgiving treat! I enjoy her writing so much I always stay at least one book behind in the series so I know I’ll have one to fall back on. Drives my reader friends nuts. But just like keeping cookies in the freezer and M&Ms in the chocolate bowl; military training taught me to always have back up snacks. Same rule goes for books.

So after I snatch up my copy and add it to the pristine pile of her books in my office, that means I get to curl up with one of the series this weekend. Like Tom Turkey and my Mom’s fabulous stuffing, taking time to indulge in a favorite book is a great way to celebrate the holidays. The only better thing than reading her books was learning her first movie based on the series will be out in January.


What is your pumpkin pie book? Which book(s) have you waited in line for? Which ones are still on your keeper shelf or always on your iPhone, Nook or Kindle? Do you have a long lost book you’ve always wanted to find? I have several and tracking them down is a great pleasure. The thrill of the hunt.

 Have a wonderful safe and Happy Thanksgiving and remember, reading can take you to worlds away from where you are. Then when you come back from your travels, there will still be leftovers in the kitchen!

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One response to “What Is Your Pumpkin Pie Book?

  1. Hey Nana

    Impatiently waiting for The Scottish Prisoner by Diana Gabaldon!

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