In Praise Of Biceps And Chests

By Kimberly A. Cook           (Twitter@ WarriorTales)

When folks ask me how I ended up in the Army at age 18, I should probably respond with “South Pacific.” The musical, not the geographic location. Raised on musicals, this one movie put all my favorites in one spot; tropical islands, romance, half-naked men, French accents, music and the military.

Compound the indoctrination with growing up in Portland, Oregon, the City of Roses, where the Navy ships ventured upstream every June for Fleet Week. About 3,000 sailors in whites? My fate was sealed. Can’t swim for beans, so the Navy was out for me; my dog paddle would not have passed the swim test.

The Army did teach me where my feet were. Repeatedly. So whenever I need a lift, I think back to this classic movie, with this fabulous song and agree; yup, there ain’t noth’in like a dame! (Or being one for that matter!) Happy Quirky Friday!

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