Overwhelmed? Escape To A Used Bookstore

by Kimberly A. Cook           (Twitter@ WarriorTales)

When our smart phone crashes, the ebook reader’s battery dies, the laptop gets a virus and desktop computer files become corrupted, what can a writer do? Grab a pen and paper and sprint for a used bookstore. Sometimes the gadgets go voodoo and we need to reboot our writer selves.

Smedley, official greeter at Cover to Cover books in Vancouver, WA

While ebooks are growing, they don’t carry all book titles and will never have some treasured books. Go old school and hunt down actual physical books. Refresh our inner bibliophile with the smell and tactile pleasures of caressing an actual ink on paper oldie but goodie. Saturday I had the chance to visit Cover to Cover, a used bookstore in Vancouver, Washington. They’ve been on my radar for a while and I finally made the trek.

Greeted by Smedley, the famous host, the calm and organized atmosphere set my nerves to serene and the cup of hot chocolate from the espresso bar helped. Bookseller Mel Sanders has created an inviting home for readers and searchers. Several customers came in during my stay looking for those books the “big retailers don’t carry anymore.” The helpful and friendly staff were happy to assist folks on a treasure hunt.

Smedley is more interested in crinkly packages that might contain cat treats and purses. Seems he has one devoted fan who brings hidden treats, so he acts like a TSA agent whenever a purse gets close. Sir Smedley leaves no bag behind.

Wandering the well-organized aisles I managed to find seven books which had to go home with me. Where else can you find everything from a French and English Dictionary to Sun Signs For Writers?

 We writers can get geeked out with the new, latest, bright shiny thing and forget the days when Shakespeare used nib, ink and parchment. One of the many great things about being a writer is all our manufacturing equipment is with us at all times, grey matter engaged.

When the voodoo crazies hit your creative equipment or you need to unplug from your desk chair, find a local haunt with used books and explore. If in Vancouver, Washington, stop by Cover to Cover Books & Espresso at 6300 NE St. James, Road, Suite 104-B from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Give Smedley a salute; he is named after a General. Or visit his staff web page at www.covertocoverbooks.net

So take a clue from Smedley, find a used bookstore, acquire a comfy chair and cuddle up with a book. Smedley has staff the rest of us can only dream of having and he stays off the computer. Smart cat!

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  1. I’ve discovered I do my best writing when I’m not actually sitting at my computer, so this makes perfect sense to me.There will always be a place for physical books, especially the ones that smell of age and timeless stories. (: Adore the pics of Smedley, too!

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