Do You Have Summertime Stories?

by Kimberly A. Cook                    (Twitter@ Warrior Tales)

Summer is officially here and the possibilities are endless. This time of year leads to thoughts of lazing in my lawn swing or smelling the warm scents of summer. It reminds me of playing make-believe games with my Match Box yellow convertible car and travel trailer in the neighbor’s backyard.

Crawling around in the dirt was a rite of passage for us suburban kids back in the day. There were also big fields with holes we dug which became forts of legend. Then always the popular flashlight monster game played at dusk. Sweet memories. Do you have dirt stories from your childhood?

Remember to play! Happy Quirky Friday!


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3 responses to “Do You Have Summertime Stories?

  1. Forget the swimming pool…I want a mud pit in the back yard! When my family went camping, Dad would look for a site that had a pile of dirt close by. My brother and I spent hours moving dirt with his Tonka trucks. (:

  2. Janet

    There was a huge mud puddle near my Grandma’s house. (At least it was huge to a little girl!) My dog and I would fish for hours in that puddle!

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