Do You Have Time For Butterflies?

by Kimberly A. Cook            (Twitter@ WarriorTales)

The old cliché says the best things in life are free; clichés work for a reason. On my recent vacation we went for a walk along the Metolius River starting from Camp Sherman. This is a favorite spot of mine to take an easy stroll and shoot some pictures. It’s a photographer’s paradise.

Accompanying us on our trek were butterflies, everywhere. It was magic. Also a challenge to photograph as these beautiful buggers move!

Butterfly guide on the Metolius River.

I still haven’t looked at all the photos, but I have shots of partial butterfly wings, dirt pictures where butterflies were and the always helpful out of focus shot because the digital camera battery got tired. (Pack spare camera batteries too, I do.)

But as any photographer learns, keep taking pictures because you never know what will happen. The same goes for writing. Keep at it, keep trying, because some day you might have writing butterfly time and it would be tragic to miss the magic.

Author Elizabeth Lyon has a great saying, “cut wood and carry water,” when it comes to writing. Every type of writing we do and every experience in our lives adds to the writer we are and will become. Use it all. If we all keep writing, one day the butterflies will appear and writing magic will occur. So whether we walk by a stream or on city streets, be open to the creativity around us.

Watch for butterflies!


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  1. Another fabulous metaphor for the writing process. I’ve noticed the Monarchs are back in town. (:

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