Polar Bear Paparazzi Cameras Take A Beating

by Kimberly A. Cook         (Twitter@ WarriorTales)

Readers think book authors make a ton of money. Not sure how that urban myth got started, but we are not all pulling in Stephen King’s royalties. But one good thing about being authors is even the bestselling ones rarely get hunted by the paparazzi. Fine with me.

When my first book came out friends thought I was going to be rich and famous. No and No. In fact, I prefer comfortable and anonymous, look what fame did to Elvis. But it appears even Polar Bears have to deal with voyeuristic photogs.

Pretty sure these are scientists trying to help them out, but one has to respect the way the momma Polar Bear deals with the invasion of her privacy. She’s just trying to get a nap. In the words of all of us who know, don’t mess with Momma. Even the BBC should know that. Polar Bears Rule! Happy Quirky Friday!

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