Have You Given Your Brain A Break Today?

by Kimberly A. Cook          (Twitter@ WarriorTales)

Last night I listened to a radio program about how our tech toys and tools are making us forget to play. We’re so plugged in we can’t unplug and unwind. If we can’t play our creative muse will take a walk. Maybe it’s time to back away from the tech.

Spec Ops Cat demonstrates one way to daydream using the advanced mastery pose.

Recently I switched from a Blackberry cell phone to an Android. We are still getting used to each other, but what has overwhelmed me is the number of apps available on the thing. Who on the planet has time for all these apps?

There are a few apps I see doing good things, like the PTSD Coach app the Department of Veterans Affairs has come up with to help veterans manage their PTSD symptoms. Yes, there is an app for that, see here http://www.blogs.va.gov/VAntage/7895/mobile-app-helps-veterans-manage-ptsd/

The ebook apps work for me, of course. But I’m not sure why AT&T thinks I need 10 different apps to manage my account. They came loaded on the phone. There are the apps to check up on the other apps. While I am enjoying my new tool, I really am able to shut it off and put it to bed. It needs a nap and so do I.

On Sunday I actually sat on the lawn swing in the back yard for a few hours and read an old school paperback book. Outside. Natural light. No batteries required. Amazing. With all the demands of our busy world, our creative brains need a break. Daydreaming is required work for writers. We need brain down time to let our subconscious run free in the woods and solve our writing dilemmas.

Perhaps the increase in yoga and meditation these days is to give our brains a chance to unplug from the non-stop digital streams and just be a brain. No batteries needed. Give your brain a break today. Go play!

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