What Is The Best Food For Rain?

by Kimberly A. Cook            (Twitter@ WarriorTales)

The weather guessers say we are getting rain today. Normally this would not be a major deal in Oregon, but we haven’t had a good soaking in almost three months. We’re pretty much talking Ark ramifications here in my home state.  Our Duck web toes and Beaver tails are pretty dry and cracked.

Since I just picked my last three Fall strawberries from my patio garden on Monday, I kid you not, I guess it’s time to welcome the monsoons. One of the best ways for me to enjoy the dark damp season here is to concentrate on food; favorite comfort food. So for this Quirky Friday I give you S’mores engineering. Make sure your pantry is stocked for the winter! Happy Quirky Friday!

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One response to “What Is The Best Food For Rain?

  1. Janet

    It’s raining here at the office! And can I say…I’m excited? It’s time to break out my baking supplies…cinnamon rolls, bread, pie and cookies!!!! This weekend calls for pumpkin bars!

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