A Veterans Day Thank You

by Kimberly A. Cook         (Twitter@ WarriorTales)

This Sunday is Veteran’s Day. The reason we had a national election today is because of the service of my fellow veterans for more than 200 years. While the news media reports and predicts tonight, I prefer to consider the future. One learns very quickly in the military that we are a diverse and wacky group of folks who make up the United States of America family.

Members of the Illinois Army National Guard’s 1-14th Agribusiness Development Team in Kunar Province, Afghanistan in September 2011. Photo by U.S. Army

But if someone comes after our “family,” watch out. Like any dysfunctional family or Army squad, we do the best with what we have and move on. We forge lifetime friendships and agree to disagree. All veterans will never agree on everything, we are a true cross-section of our nation.

But in tough times, the tough get going and keep going, like Navy SEAL Teams and Special Forces. But even those elite teams can’t get the job done without their support staff, families and friends. It takes a nation to fix problems.

So let’s follow our future veterans who are serving today and leading by example in Afghanistan, at U.S. Embassies around the world, at home and aboard, on land and sea and under the sea around the world.Thank you to all who have served and a special thank you to all those veterans who have written their stories to share with everyone else. Lest we forget.

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