Ready Or Not, Here Come The Holidays!

by Kimberly A. Cook            (Twitter@ WarriorTales)

When this time of year rolls around, I like to see what the Holdmans are up to with their fabulous light displays. I’ve always found the best way to survive the holidays is to surrender before Halloween. If I lower my expectations and try not to do-it-all, but do a few things, it works out much better.

Today I am decorating the house with my favorite holiday touches and then watching the amazing Holdman over-the-top fabulous light shows. Appreciating true light artists reduces my need to compete in the holiday light arena and saves my electric bill. I fire up my 18-inch high lighted snowman in the window and I am done!

Enjoy the light show and get ready for December! Happy Quirky Friday!

P.S. Elephant Update from last Friday: Rose-Tu is in early labor and the baby’s feet are in the birth canal as shown on the very large ultrasound. Think good baby elephant thoughts!

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