Let’s Bounce Into 2013 Together

by Kimberly A. Cook          (Twitter@ WarriorTales)

Hope you are enjoying the holidays. Emotions have been like a ping-pong ball this past month and I’m ready to put 2012 in the rearview mirror. The promise of a fresh new calendar and year always gets me motivated. Primary on the list for 2013? Fitness!

Between the day job and writing at home, my butt is beginning to resemble an aircraft carrier; excellent for an aircraft carrier but not for moi. Since Nora Roberts does an hour on the treadmill each morning before she writes, time to gear up. Author brains need oxygen. Frequently.

I always look for inspiration on YouTube and I found this gem by accident. Notice how this fit athlete uses skill and agility to master the challenging game of ping-pong. Before all the modern-day wanna-cats, Dagwood was doing it old school, better and on national tv. This athlete refused to be swayed by big paychecks and fancy reality show deals. She stayed home and did it her way. That’s on my list for 2013 too! Happy Quirky Friday and see you in the brand new spanking year.


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2 responses to “Let’s Bounce Into 2013 Together

  1. That’s the way to play the net! Wait, isn’t that a tennis phrase? Or volleyball? Whatever…you go, Dagwood!

  2. Janet

    Happy New Year!

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