Ducks And Eagles Oh My!

by Kimberly A. Cook          (Twitter@ WarriorTakes)

Quirky Friday post is late today because I’ve been a bit bummed about Chip Kelly leaving our U of O Ducks and heading East to coach the Philadelphia Eagles. (By the way, when you live in Oregon, anything past Montana is back East to us.) But now I’m over it.

Since we don’t have an NFL team in Oregon, I’ve decided to adopt the Eagles. When I started watching football back in the stone age, the Vikings were my team, then the Jets with Namath and then I settled with the Raiders and Snake Stabler. Still a Raiders fan, but I can adopt Philly too.

Felt better after I watched Chip’s press conference yesterday, so thought I would share. Think there are a lot of good points from his football philosophy that translate to writing. Plus, he’s fun to watch when he messes with the media. So if you’ve got some time, check Chip out. I’m looking forward to the NFL Fall! Happy Quirky Friday!

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One response to “Ducks And Eagles Oh My!

  1. Janet

    Sigh….Joe Namath! He was such a stud!

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