Otter Eddie Shows Us How To Keep In Shape

by Kimberly A. Cook          (Twitter@ WarriorTales)

With writing being a sit down occupation unless you have a standing desk, keeping in shape is important for our brains – not to mention our butts.  More oxygen in, more creativity out. Then there is the ever-present writer hazard of turning into a capital C from being hunched over the keyboard. For those of us with carpel tunnel or arthritis, moving is the answer to ease the stiffness and stay in shape.

Otter Eddie at the Oregon Zoo showed off his moves this week to help with his elbow arthritis. He took up basketball to keep his joints mobile and I think our Portland Trailblazers could use him on the roster.  Check out his video clip and know it was such a hit, Eddie ended up on the main CNN web page this past Wednesday. Now that’s otter style! Happy Quirky Friday!


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2 responses to “Otter Eddie Shows Us How To Keep In Shape

  1. Carol

    Love it that he has a Trailblazer logo on the backboard~

  2. Nice to know there’s a health purpose behind this kind of training. Score!

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