Have You Built Your Pet A Castle?

by Kimberly A. Cook          (Twitter@ WarriorTales)

We love our pets. Spec Ops Cat is a big part of the Warrior Tales team, even though he is retired he is still in charge of ecommerce, security and conducting perimeter patrols. Pets give us unconditional love with no strings attached; something not always available from other humans.

This is one reason I think veteran’s bonds with their pets are so important; the furry ones may be the only “people” who give a veteran total acceptance and trust. This attachment/love is very strong for all the active duty personnel and veterans who worked with animals in the military too. We all know our pets and marine mammals are smarter than we are, but we try to pretend we are in charge.

Rufus the cat knows all about the power of love. His Dad decided to do something special for him after a tough two weeks of having to give Rufus icky medicine. Not only does Rufus Rock, but his human Dad is pretty cool too. Build your pet a castle today! Happy Quirky Friday!


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3 responses to “Have You Built Your Pet A Castle?

  1. How fun! Rufus is one pampered, lucky dude. (:

  2. Janet

    What timing! We said our final good-bye to our beloved kitty, Mocha Latte a week ago tomorrow. Can attest to the attachment/love one can feel for a pet. I still think he’s going to jump up on my lap at the end of the day, begin purring, and place his little paw on my cheek.

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