What Do We Do When Our Dream Sails Away?

by Kimberly A. Cook                 (Twitter@ WarriorTales)

I’m one of those personality types who need closure, tidy endings, aka a wrap-up. Not that I have control issues – much, but according to my Myers-Briggs INFJ category, leaving possibilities open for eons raises my blood pressure. With that in mind, I am blowing my own cover and saying goodbye to a volunteer project I worked long and very hard on, the USS Ranger Foundation.

Long story short, we tried to bring  a retired USS Navy aircraft carrier 125 miles upriver from the Pacific Ocean to her new life as a Museum, Memorial, Education Center, Tourism and Special Events and Emergency Preparedness site. In 2005 I attended a Foundation board meeting with a marketing plan draft and got thrown on the Board of Directors. Literally. Figured they needed some Army blood amongst all those retired sailors and pilots, I guess.

Worked my tail off on the project until work and family needs made me step back in 2008, but I maintained the Foundation’s phone line. Fast forward to July 2010 when I needed to turn the phone line over to the Foundation’s Development Director. Shannon Chisom and I bonded, especially when she finally met the person who everybody would tell her, “Oh, Kim used to do that.”

It was an exciting time with the Foundation since a potential site had finally been secured in Fairview, Oregon. I volunteered to set up Twitter and the YouTube Channel for the Foundation, since I figured I could manage that with the day job, writing and family. The first day I met Shannon I went from posting two Spec Ops Cat videos on YouTube to interviewing the mayor of Fairview. Ha! Mission creep struck and soon I was the Online Media Manager and handling the Foundation’s Facebook page, Twitter, Zazzle store, Pinterest, posting to the Main Web Page, and producing 25 YouTube videos, in addition to a thousand other things.

In the end, our dream was not to be. We came close, very close. Throwing grenades and horseshoes close. With amazing support from the City of Fairview staff and citizens, plus all of East County, government entities and our elected representatives, we damn near did it. U.S. Navy budget constraints and time did us in. USS Ranger was to be bid out for scrap as a package with her de-commissioned sister carriers sitting in Bremerton, Washington and the Navy couldn’t wait any longer. With more aircraft carriers coming off active duty, they needed moorages. We got that word directly from the Secretary of the Navy’s Office.

When the news came last winter, the Foundation still worked behind the scenes hoping for a Hail Mary. Didn’t work. We never had a “final meeting” for our Team Ranger Staff and volunteers. We closed the Foundation office and put items in storage. It took several months for the Board of Directors to decide what to say on the web site. Recently I closed the Twitter and YouTube accounts, Zazzle is next.

It broke my heart to lose USS Ranger. She is a historic aircraft supercarrier whose like will never be built again; Navy ship building needs have changed. She was a decorated Vietnam War and Desert Storm veteran plus a movie star in “Top Gun” and several other films.

My greatest regret is she did not get to live on in retirement to serve again honoring the men who sailed on her, those who flew off her and never returned and those who died on her decks. In her new role, Ranger would have been a memorial to all women and men who served in all branches of the Armed Forces, active, reserve and guard.

So I want to thank all the Ranger veterans, all our veteran helpers, Team Ranger staff, volunteers and citizens who worked hard and fought to save the great Gray Lady. We didn’t give up the ship, but we lost her anyway. I had the honor and pleasure to go aboard Ranger in 2005 and 2012. Since I want to make sure we keep a part of her legacy alive, I posted her final YouTube video I made on Spec Ops Cat’s channel for all who want to see it again.

The video also shows what you can do with a still camera, a Flip video recorder, some paid music, creativity and some practice. You can almost move an aircraft supercarrier. We had a dream and we went after it big time. Will I miss USS Ranger and the vision we had for her? More than you will ever know. Will I give up dreaming big? Never!

My favorite photo I took of the great Gray Lady, USS Ranger, in January 2012. She is truly the "Top Gun of the Pacific."

My favorite photo I took of the great Gray Lady, USS Ranger, in January 2012. She is truly the “Top Gun of the Pacific.”



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80 responses to “What Do We Do When Our Dream Sails Away?

  1. Your farewell brought tears to my eyes. It’s heartbreaking that all the hard work and dedication and dreams of the community and volunteers, like yourself, suffered such a crushing loss. Ranger may be gone, but she sure won’t be forgotten! Your videos and photos are a fantastic homage to a great gal.

    • Mike Cremonese

      She was my home and it saddens me inside that after all she did for this nation, she will be scrapped. I will always have the memories of my time aboard. I have told my children and soon my grandchildren of this amazing ship. Thank you for all the effort.

  2. karen hubbard

    So close….so very close….Everyone I spoke with was rooting for Ranger and for east county placement. She will not be forgotten! Thanks for all your efforts to honor her, your fellow veterans and the big dreamer in all of us!Karen

    Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2013 15:12:16 +0000 To: lewellen@hotmail.com

  3. Claudia DeGailler

    I’m sad to hear the battle’s lost. As a WAVE stationed on NAS North Island in the early 1970’s, I have many fond memories tied with the RANGER. She would have felt right at home in Fairview. Thank you for the great farewell article.You did good, Kim. Bravo Zulu USS Ranger CV61 & the Foundation!

  4. Julie Clark

    What a tribute to USS Ranger and the veterans of service with her and the volunteers who tried so hard to keep her here. Her legacy will indeed live on. And Kim, you again provide such an inspiration to us. Thank you.

  5. Kim, what a fine tribute to the Ranger. Sorry it had to end this way.

  6. This is a very sad day indeed. Ranger was my first ship (1986) and I was looking forward to walking onboard once again upon the opening of the museum. Thank you all for the blood, sweat and tears in trying to make this a reality. She was a great ship and will always have a special place in my heart.

  7. Sean Paul

    Thanks for all you have done…she will be missed. My first kiss with my wife was on board the Top Gun and this memory will last with me forever.

  8. Sharon Lamvik

    Great post, Kim!!!!!

  9. Jerry Olson

    As a 4th grade boy back in 1987, my class members from Melbourne elementary in Lakewood California had sent X mas cards and goodies to the folks on the ranger while they were on patrol in the gulf. When they got home the capt, and squadron leaders brought us a really cool plaque, and stuff thanking us from the crew. We were them invited down to north island to spend the day on board . She was nose to tail with the constillaton . Was and still is one of my most treasured childhood moments. Still remember vividly talking with a LT. About the Phoenix missiles on a tomcat and his disbelief that I knew anything about them. The ranger is and will allways be apart of me. It trul saddens me to see her and her sisters setting sail for the plasma cutter. Anchors away CV-61.

  10. I served a board this Lady 1961-1965. I took my family to see her in Bremerton in 1995. Was allowed to go aboard and including the tour guide only 6 people were aboard. Spent 2 1/2 hours aboard going as far as I wanted to show my family what I had been talking about for 30 years (at that time). My wife and I started a Tribute to USS Ranger Website and over the past 18 years it has grown to a giant size. Was so looking forward to Ranger becoming a fixture in Fairview. I appreciate all the work and time spent by the Foundation. We all have our memories and can pass them on to our family and others via the social media. All should visit my Tribute to Ranger Website and sign the website and add your memories in photos to it!! My family is the top of my life’s accomplishments but my service aboard this Great Ship is there also!! John Guy http://uss-rangerguy.com/uss_ranger_cva_61.htm

    • Hi John,
      I have visited your site and enjoyed it. I hope folks will make a trip over and record their Ranger memories. Lots of great ones here and on our final Facebook post! Thank you for your service aboard Ranger then and your service to her now. She lives on in cyberspace.


  11. Linda Leek

    Kim,Thank You for all your efforts. My husband (Vietnam) veteran who had the pleasure to serve on The Ranger, was so looking forward to once again walk aboard. He would tell everyone once she arrived in Oregon he would be making the trip to see her. He was so disappointed at the news last winter. Once again Thank You for trying!

  12. Al Whitney

    Tied up behind the Ranger in Subic Bay many times in 1976 while on board the USS Tripoli. Sad end to a fine lady.

  13. Joe Mingram

    Thank you for all that you have done. It is sad to see the ship that I served on being sold off for scrap. What a shame.

  14. Mike Defibaugh

    I served on the Ranger during the Bicentennial WESTPAC Cruise. So sorry to see her meet this end. Thanks for all the work you did.

  15. Kimberly….Its 1979, I’m a new recruit AA in VAW117 in San Diego. Its time for my first deployment. The bus drives us from NAS Miramar to NAS Coronado. I get off and….this is one big ass ship. Its not the little rustbucket troop transport thing they took us on in basic training. I get onboard… Im in the hanger bay. Luck has it a guy from AIMD is willing to show me where my berthing is…up on the 03 level aft of the 3 and 4 wire engine rooms.

    Getting settled in…its the first day of work. Im in maintenance control near the aft chow area. I ask Master Chief Robert Stratton, when are we going to get underway? He just laughs and says to go up topside and look. We have already left and are in the channel.

    (I just have to share an additional story I have never forgotton….MC Stratton says to ” stop calling me Sir….(when some of the Junior Officers are near) …I know who my parents are!.) I laugh my ass of everytime I think about it.

    Later on Im working and minding my own business….all of a sudden B A N G!!!!! what the %$#@ was that. Its recovery time on the flight deck. OK this is going to take some getting used to.

    I LOVE THIS SHIP…chow at the aft end and a mini mcdonalds like place up forward that always serves! Im just a scrawny 6 foot 3 , 22 year old who almost needed a weight waiver to get in. Hey Im 57 now, 6 foot 3 and 183 lbs and I can still pass the physical at MEPS!!

    Up on the 03 level, going past the 3 an 4 wire engine rooms during recover…and you hear….” short….waive off….trap” as you watch the steel cables compress.

    The only way to learn the layout of this hugh beast is to go up and down each port and stbd passage off the 03 level and see where it goes. Its like a jigsaw puzzle that all comes together as you do it thru repetition.

    Finally getting up on vultures row. WOW!!! I can still remember watching the aircraft from RVAH7 (the whale) trap aboard. Its like a controlled crash. The A-6’s , S-3’s , helos and the Wallbangers.

    Also must mention the water situation. Why the hell does the water look like diluted milk? And why do I get all smooth after a shower? Come to find out the water lines pass thru the fuel tanks because during construction it was too expensive to go around. Hey.. it builds character!!! I can still kick any Hispanic shipmate in a jalapeno eating contest.

    Later on the Ranger adds to my thrills and memories. The fun of trying to outsmart the Russians thru deceptive lighting and finding the Bear aircraft.
    The trawler who rams us in the Malochane Straits enroute to those long Indian Ocean deployments. Gettting to spend extra time in Subic Bay and dry dock in Japan. Seeing the Ranger drydocked and how small people were next to the 2 screws.

    But she always brought me back home in one piece. I have photos from flyovers, and I have have memories. No one can take those away from us.
    I went on to do 21 years in the Navy, but the “Danger Ranger” will always live on!!!

    • Raymond,
      What fabulous memories. You know I am jealous of all the Ranger sailors who got to serve aboard her. I loved her just moored. Thank you for your Navy service aboard “Danger Ranger.” She’s a heartbreaker!


  16. I served on her from 1987-1992, as a photographer with VF-2. I’m feeling sad now…I thought for sure the Ranger was going to be made into a maritime museum, and that, one day, I’d be able to take my daughter for a visit.

    • Hi Joe,
      The Navy thought so too, that is why they kept her in good shape even after she came off reserve. Time and money are hard for everyone to overcome. The NAVSEA folks at Bremerton loved her too. Thank you for your service on Ranger.


  17. Donnie

    I served aboard Ranger from 86-91, I love this boat and all the memories we made together. I too am heart broke, I read and reread your post on her and i am very thankful for all the hard work the foundation put forth to save my #1 lady. I Know in my heart she will serve us well in her life. 4MMR

  18. Donnie

    My closing statement should have read, “I know in my heart she will serve us well in her NEW life”

    • Donnie,
      I think both statements are true, actually. She served so well on active duty, a true star, and I know she will figure out a way to make a name for herself somehow. She’s a crafty one!


  19. Great tribute. As one who sailed on “Ranger’s Last Ride” in 1992-93 and currently live in Happy Valley, I was very excited by the foundation’s efforts to get her here. It is truly a disappointment that she will be sold for scrap instead of becoming a memorial and tribute to all veterans. Thanks for your hard work!

    • Steve,
      Thank you so much. I first saw Ranger moored in San Diego in the mid-1980s when I was there for Public Affairs training for the VA. I saw her across the bay and fell in love. She’s a looker! Can’t even imagine what it would have been like to serve on her. Thank you for your service on Ranger.


  20. Brad Ramage

    Kim, thank you and all that worked so hard to save our ship. I was so excited to learn that Ranger was going to have a home so that everyone could share in her glory as “Top Gun”, but as I have painfully learned having served 23 years in the military that budget constraints and red tape are demons we can rarely conquer. Again, thank you so much for your efforts. I will never forget my experience as a Waist Catapult Captain. Her memory will live on through us!
    Brad D. Ramage CPT. US Army, Ret.

    • Brad,
      Thank you so much for your kind words. We tried everything. Sometimes dreams are not meant to be. Thank you for your service on Ranger. She will always be in our hearts and memories.


  21. Thank you Kim ….. Richard – v-3 division, 1974 – 1976

  22. John Simmons

    Great tribute to Ranger. Thank you so very much for your time and dedication.

  23. steph rinker

    sorry about the Ranger, did you try to get one of the other carriers, that,s still
    left like the USS Forestall, USS Independence, USS Saratoga and the
    USS Kitty Hawk, they are still in the reserve, I think you can still have a go at
    getting one of them. Still hope you can get a reprieve for the Ranger, if they
    scrap the Ranger this will be a big mistake and a terrible waste of naval
    history. Hope you can petition NAVSEA and the government not to scrap
    the Ranger. My best regards Steph Rinker.

    • Hi Steph,

      The other carriers, Forrestal, Connie and Indy are part of the scrap contract let with Ranger. Kitty Hawk is on active reserve. The Navy will not be donating any nuclear-powered carriers, so Ranger was the last conventional powered steam aircraft carrier up for donation. We worked at the highest levels of government above NAVSEA. Time, budget and money needs swamped us. Maybe Ranger will figure out a way to save herself. She wants to serve again.

      Thank you for your support.


  24. Mike Flores

    very moving Kim and all I can say is you did a great job @ trying to preserve a piece of history that I for one am proud that I was a part of…75-79 BT 2nd Class, ACC Shop, 3MMR. Sad but your tribute will live on, thanks again
    Mike Flores

  25. Mike Flores

    while re reading this, my comment may sound as if I am sad that your tribute will live on.. …….but I only meant that it is sad for this to end but that your tribute will live on……

  26. Bernie Doherty,U.S.M.C.,and Ranger vet,1986 to 1988

    Thank you for your work and dedication to the Ranger.My dream too was to visit her again someday in the great Northwest,and bring my family along too. Thanks KIm,you did your best to save her,i will miss her very much,but at least they cant take our memories!

  27. Very, very nice Kim. Neat story but also gives credit to all the others who worked so hard. Congratulations. I’m, we’re PROUD of you,. Love, Betty

  28. Janet

    Be proud of what you did!!! I know I am!

  29. Gary Greenough

    As one of the 7 Lone Rangers, who rode that full size plastic horse across the decks, when separating from unreps, when coming into and out of ports, when meeting dignitaries, RANGER will be missed, and her legacy of being TOP GUN will continue. There may be another ship named RANGER, which will be the 8th, but it will never have the greatness that this ship had. Well done, all those who worked so hard to try and save her. Now, what do I do with all the Lone Ranger memorabilia that I was going to put on display? I am still ‘keeper of the brand’ and maybe we could make t shirts of the logo for the association. Yes, the white plastic horse was branded and it was registered in Wyoming. T G
    ___ will live forever in our hearts…TOP GUN
    0 BAR


    • Gary,
      Thank you for your service and all you have done to honor Ranger. Stay tuned to the Facebook page in the coming weeks and see what the 501 c 3 organizations we are working with might have in mind for archiving her important items. I know they have some ideas.


  30. John Harris I pre-com’d 3 mos as a driver for the French aircraft carrier for the international review, held in Norfolk, Va, put her in the water in 1957, and am a Plank owner..My time was 1957-1961, Fox Division, FT3, (Fire Control technician), ships gunnery radar..What will become of her then?? will she be turned into razor blades or a reef somewhere?? If so, I WANT MY PLANK. I enjoyed every minute under her command of the seven seas, and I KISS’D THE BABY and earned my turtleback…How Sad I only have a few pic’s and one ranger book left…I guess time marches on>>>>> SIGH..If anyone knows anything please contact me shazbotbaru@aol.com…Thanks….

    4 minutes ago · Like..

    Write a comment…

    • John, Thank you for your service on Ranger. Check the Facebook and main web site in the coming weeks. We are still in transition, but I know that group will have some ideas.


      • I do hope they can find a way to keep her..but, if not, then I dearly would love to have a plank from her for the memories..no biggie, just an old man re-living the 4 1/2 yrs walking her decks..I loved it…thanks for replying..talk at cha later then..take care..

  31. Michael Blain-Rozgay

    HI Kim,

    Thank you so much for all you’ve done for a part of my life I will never forget. I was with Marine Detachment USS Ranger from 1977 – 1979. I spent equal times in overhaul / refit in Bremerton, (I’m originally from Seattle so liberty was sweet), as I did at NAS North Island. She was a great ship and great home.

    I’ll never forget the first time the air wing came aboard after she passed Sea Trials. We’d been out to sea maybe two days and the air wing had been landing all day. It was fun to watch on the CC TV but duty called and I was pulled away.

    Later that night I was working out with a couple of friends in the Marine gym, which was in the stripped out housing of an old gun turret, right below the angle deck. I came out on the small deck outside the hatch to cool off and catch my breath. It was one of those ink black nights with no moon and, gazing over the Pacific, I remember thinking the stars couldn’t possibly get any brighter when SUDDENLY WHAM!

    There was this explosion of incredible light and sound, so loud I thought we’d been hit with a missile. I quickly looked up while flattening myself to the deck and I swear I saw what I thought was a 747 right in front of my eyes. It was only when I saw, and felt, the heat of the twin afterburners of the then new F-14 Tomcat that I knew what was happening. Touch and Go operations. Indoctrination by sound and fire. Perfect for a Marine.

    I’m just glad my fellow Jar heads were flattened on the deck next to me. Never would have lived it down otherwise.

    Thanks again.

    Michael Blain-Rozgay

    • Michael,
      Thank you for the support. Did touch and go in the Air Force on C-141s as medical evac crew, but just not the same power as those F-14s. I love the smell of JP4 in the evening! Thank you for your service.


  32. Kim, Thanks for the effort! Wish it had worked out, but we will forever have the memories. I sailed aboard Ranger with VA-145 during “Rangers Last Ride”, WESTPAC 92-93. Was able to enjoy some time with my Dad and Brother during the Tiger Cruise as well. Grace and Peace to you.

    • Ernst,
      Thank you so much. I’ve always wanted to go on a Tiger Cruise, but all my family were Army or Marine. Maybe one day! Glad you have some great personal memories with family and Ranger. Thank you for your service.


  33. Bob Montgomery

    Thanks for your efforts, Kim. Many Ranger guys looked forward to a museum for years. But to say that the Foundation “came close, very close” and suggest that the Navy, budgets and time were the problems just misstates the facts. The NAVSEA letter which denies the Foundation’s application clearly states that the main factors were the railroad bridge and financing. These were the Foundation’s responsibility. The Navy set the requirements in the beginning and the Foundation fell far short.

    It’s done now. At least I would like to know if the Foundation was a good steward of the money donated over the years by Ranger sailors. How much was donated? How was it spent? Is any left? How much? What will be done with it?

    This may seem snotty, But after several years of rah, rah, we’re real close, to find out that we were NEVER close is quite a blow. Thanks, Kim

    • Bob,
      I appreciate your comments. The treasurer would be the person who has those records. I know how much money I and my family gave, but I am not privy to the rest of the details. As required by IRS tax law, any funds left over must go to another 501 c 3, so the treasurer will be responsible for that at the end of this year. Thank you for your service on Ranger.


  34. Thank you Kim for your hard and dedicated work trying to save our Ranger!
    I first served aboard Ranger in 1959 and after discharge, I followed her exploits until her retirement. I then was re-introduced to her in 1999 and by 2000 was fully involved in the attempt to save this great lady. The Foundation tried in Everett, Seattle, and thought we had her saved in Tacoma but near sighted people, with more power than we had, stopped us in our tracks. We looked from Pensacola to Hawaii – including San Francisco, but NO one offered us space.
    Then we made contact with some super great people in the Portland area (including you Kim) and our efforts doubled to find a pier for her. Alas an extra 300,000 visitors spending tons of money was not on Portland City or the Ports radar and we dwindled again. When Fairview stepped up it was a dream come true–unfortunately a bridge and lack of BIG donors were not to be found.
    Like you said the Navy could not wait. I retired from the Foundation after 14 years of butting my head against resistant walls and I have now gone on to create, own and maintain the Ranger ship history, memorial and Ranger Reunion Association website http://www.uss-ranger.org and host John Guy’s fantastic web site that he mentions above. To pay for the $40 a month cost, we sell Ranger Coins, hat pins, and working on selling Ranger Ship Patches, (our first to be the “original CVA-61” patch). We have begun to scan Cruise books into CD’s and offer those we have scanned. We hope to Host John Adams great 2 plus hour 2012 Ranger visit movie. We may be able to create the DVD that you can order at cost as Mr. Adams request no profit be made on his venture. You all speak of the loss with your heart and I thank you, but I wanted to tell you, those of us who were in the trenches trying to save our beloved ship are truly heartbroken. Long Live Ranger! Deckboss@uss-ranger.org

    • Ken, Thank for your years of dedication to Ranger and continuing to serve her now. I truly get that Ranger sailors hold her near and dear and are truly heartbroken. She is one of a kind. As you know, finding a parking spot for a carrier museum is a challenge in the best of times. The effort the local community gave to save her was amazing and they adopted her as their own.

      I am glad you will continue the work of saving Ranger’s stories for future generations. I still treasure the Top Gun Pin you gave me. Hope to see you when you come visit.

      Thank you for your service on Ranger and your dedication to our Great Gray Lady.


  35. I volunteered back in 2006-2008 working on the website with Ken Estes. My step dad served on the Ranger 68-69 with VA-196. I was always so proud of his service and the Ranger. I wish we could have done more to save her.

  36. Thank You, Rob for all your work. Although I started the website, it was far bigger than I could handle and do secretarial work for the Foundation. Your years are appreciated as are Kim’s and the many others who worked to help save our ship. Seeing so many names on this site that I got to meet (on the phone mostly) brings back the good memories.

  37. Michael Murdock

    And they’re giving up the Forrestal for a penny. Why NOT the Ranger??? Sailed on her in 1980-1981 Westpac & Indian Ocean duty

  38. Kim, Thank You for all of your hard work!!! I was stationed onboard Ranger as ship company 89-93 and have all 3 of my cruise books including the “Rangers Last Ride”. I started in V2 Div and finished in AIMD just a couple months prior to her Decommissioning. I was there for the ceremony which was a sad day for me since the Ranger was my first ship and I consider it my best duty of my 20 years of service. I’m sorry it didn’t work out but I have great memories to reflect on of my time on her. Thanks

    • Billy,
      Thank you for your Navy service and the kind comments. Would have loved to visit Ranger when she was on the high seas. Did see her in San Diego in the early 1980s at dock, my first ever carrier sighting! What a beauty. Happy Veterans Day!

  39. John Harris

    John Harris>>>FOX DIVISION>>>FT3>>PRE-COM, 3 months NORFOLK, VA>> COMMISIONED AND SERVED HER>>1957-1961>>It saddens me, my great gray lady will be scrapped like a junk car..I need to know from anyone with the information, as to how those of us that put her in the water and served her, can receive our plank..I would appreciate it greatly if someone can help..I have the original (year book), but over the years have lost the uniform, the patches, some of the pictures..thank you for anything you can do..I’ll say my goodbyes to her and again, thank you..

  40. I served aboard this fine ship from 89 – 93. I have many memories of serving aboard during those days. It seems like just yesterday I was up on the bridge steering her on a course as well as standing many port and starboard air watches. I cannot believe it has been 20 years since I was onboard. I am very saddened to have heard of their decision to scrap her. I wish I could have gotten at least a piece of her structure or something for keepsake. I would love to see her before they scrap her. Would it be possible to board her once again. If any one has any information, please let me know.

    Former BM3 Mark Balli
    (303) 990- 4132

    • Hi Mark,
      Thank you for your service on Ranger and in the Navy. Ranger is in Bremerton on an active duty base and access to her is controlled by NAVSEA. Challenges. You can see her from outside the base. There are also some photo tours by former Ranger sailors online. Try searching USS Ranger on YouTube.

      All the best,

  41. Lisa FULLMER Jorgensen

    I am HOPING, like crazy, that someone can help me!! I am DESPERATELY trying to locate a ship mate for my father. He will be 72 years of age (in January). I can get ANY FURTHER INFO once needed but, I wanted to start here first to see if it’s even possible?!?!?! I think he joined around 1960-1962’ish…
    Please let me know if you have any way to help?!?!?!
    Many thanks in advance!!!
    Lisa 😉

  42. Served aboard 1961-1965 Check out my Tribute to Ranger Website here! http://uss-rangerguy.com/uss_ranger_cva_61.htm

  43. Rebecca boyd Lemley

    Thank you for this. My dad served on the Ranger long ago. I know he served 58-59 because I have his “Domain of the Golden Dragon” & “Realm of the South Wind” cards that are dated. May God Bless all those who served & serve this nation.

  44. Maurice Lavallee

    I was hoping to see my old ship again and bring my grandchildren with me to show them what beautiful ship she was . I served aboard her from 1965 to 1967 and was very proud of it. Thank You for trying to make a museum
    Out of her maurice lavallee

  45. Hey I know this is off topic but I was wondering if
    you knew of any widgets I could add to my blog that
    automatically tweet my newest twitter updates. I’ve been looking for a plug-in like this for quite some time and was hoping maybe you would have
    some experience with something like this. Please
    let me know if you run into anything. I truly enjoy reading your blog and I look forward to your new updates.

    • I went to Twitter and clicked on the bottom of the home page on goodies to see what you can use. I used to use Widgetbox.com but they closed, so now I use Feedsweep.com on my main web site to post my blogs to my web page at http://www.warriortales.com I always just Google “Twitter widgets” and see what comes up for the latest and greatest or find one on someone else’s web site that I like and it tells me where to go to find it. It’s trial and error. Thanks for reading!.

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