Seen A Lost Pirate Or Super Hero?

by Kimberly A. Cook               (Twitter@ WarriorTales)

Back to writing. Last Friday I stocked up on school supplies again, it’s a disease, then headed out to the parking lot. Happened to see two pirates walking past my car and into the store. Oregon is a great place for creative minds.

An interview in The Oregonian with Brian Michael Bendis described why he up and moved here and brought a big part of the Marvel comic franchise with him. I loved one line in the article where he talked about going out and about and seeing fun folk here in the land of Oregon.

“As you get older, you don’t leave the house as much, but when you do leave the house, as a writer or artist, you want guaranteed inspiration,” Bendis said about Portland. Read the article here:

Writers observe, record and imagine new and old worlds. What better place to do that than on our everyday errands? We must keep an open eye and mind to watch for unexpected surprises, like pirates in the parking lot.

I wanted to know when the official Portland Pirate Festival was this year, so I checked out the web site

It appears even our pirates are having trouble this year, so the next big festival is Labor Day weekend 2014. Perhaps those parking lot pirates were in search of another festival. One never knows. Need to mark it on my calendar.

Keep your eyes open matey and your notebook in hand. One never knows when pirates or super heroes may show up on your watch.

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One response to “Seen A Lost Pirate Or Super Hero?

  1. Pirates are so much more interesting that zombies! Arrrr…lol

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