America’s Cup Or Bust!

by Kimberly A. Cook               (Twitter@ WarriorTales)

Late post today. I’ve been distracted by the America’s Cup. Began watching it when the Louis Vuitton Cup started it off in San Francisco. Decided to tune in for fun and expected to see the old sailing sloops with all the canvas. Holy Cow Cakes hold onto your hat Mabel! Saw these new fangled speed racing catamarans with steel sails and the crew looked like extras from the movie “Tron.” I was hooked again.

Long story short, this America’s Cup has turned into a comeback story of epic proportions. After being down 8 races to 1 to the Kiwis (New Zealand) today Team USA tied the series with 10 wins (only 8 count) to 8. New Zealand and Team USA go for the cup tomorrow, Sept. 25 at 1:15 p.m. Pacific, winner tomorrow takes all.

From a writer’s standpoint, this is history, character arcs, racing, water, danger and a hero’s journey all rolled into one. If you wrote this as a fiction book no one would believe it could happen. They’ve been showing the America’s Cup live on NBC Sports Channel, which I’ve recorded then watched after the day job. You can also catch up on their channel,

I got hooked on the America’s Cup years ago when Dennis Conner was racing and those burly men grinding away with killer biceps didn’t hurt. It’s poetry in motion to watch the best do their jobs. Several years ago on Maui I got to sail on a former America’s Cup boat, America II, and it was a blast.

So, to watch a gunfight with catamarans which are screaming at up to 50 mph on the bay in San Francisco, tomorrow it is all up for grabs. Take a break and check it out. I will be!

Back story here:


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2 responses to “America’s Cup Or Bust!

  1. Oh my gosh, Kim, I stopped watching when I thought Oracle didn’t have a chance because they were down so far! You bet I’ll record today’s final! Thanks for this post.

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