Dance Like It’s Not Raining!

by Kimberly A. Cook              (Twitter@ WarriorTales)

Had a very busy day last Saturday, so when I got home I plopped in the LaZBoy and didn’t want to move. Checked out the tv schedule and watched the end of “Dirty Dancing,” and then all of “Grease.” Nothing like great dance music to make you forget dark rainy weather and the coming cold.

Music is always a feel good uplift for me and the soundtrack to “Grease” is one of my favorites. What is even more amazing in this video clip than Olivia Newton John’s sewn on black pants is the fact she not only dances in mule high heels and goes on the weird roller carnival thing wearing them, but she doesn’t kill herself on the Shake Shack with John Travolta’s help. BUT she also dances down the stairs without looking where to put her feet! The woman was then and still is a marvel! Enjoy!

Happy Quirky Friday!

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