Super Bowl Spoiler Alert: Puppy Love!

by Kimberly A. Cook                    (Twitter@ WarriorTales)

Gearing up for the big event on Sunday; Super Bowl commercials that is. Was going to highlight one of my favorite Budweiser commercials and then this new one popped up on YouTube for this Sunday! I adore it! So if you want to wait until Sunday, don’t watch. But if you want to find out if Clydesdales can jump, check it out!

Remember the Kitten Bowl at noon on Sunday on the Hallmark Channel before the big game. I’ve got the snacks and French onion dip, so we’re ready for the couch potato extravaganza! Happy Quirky Friday!


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2 responses to “Super Bowl Spoiler Alert: Puppy Love!

  1. Janet

    One of my fav authors, Jill Shalvis, posted this on her blog yesterday!

  2. Karen

    Whoa! Sometimes you just have to make a jump and go for it! Puppies are precious! Not to mention it helps to have a big friend!!!!

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