Can You Take A Photo Field Trip From Your Front Porch?

by Kimberly A. Cook             (Twitter@ WarriorTales)

Slogging away on the treadmill Sunday I spied the first robin of the season. Then I saw another and another and another; there were a gaggle of robins. The field across the road seemed to be robin snack central. Since I heard crickets for the first time Saturday night, seemed like a possible reason.

Robin looking for crickets by a mud puddle across from my front porch. Pretty bird!

Robin looking for crickets by a mud puddle across from my front porch. Pretty bird!

So I grabbed both cameras and took a long jaunt on a photo field trip – to my front porch to be exact. Sat down on the top step and proceeded to take pics of the birds. The camera I carry with me all the time is a Canon PowerShot SD800 IS Digital Elph. Adore this camera, even though it only has a 3.8x zoom lens and 7.1 mega pixels. Bought a pink camera case for it at which has a backup battery slot pouch too, always need one of those.

Since I was too lazy to go out in the rain and get wet, I brought in the big gun for backup: the Canon PowerShot SX200 with a 12x zoom. While the 12.1 mega pixels are great on this camera, it has just enough heft that I can’t carry it in my purse all the time, but I love the long zoom lens.

The better zoom lens shows the difference between a gaggle of robins in a field and getting up beak and personal with the feathered friends. Photography and writers go together; we capture scenes not only in our imagination but in everyday life too and regurgitate those images into writing. Better than eating worms, but the same premise pretty much.

I’ve developed a camera collection by accident since I can’t let go of my 35mms I used on the newspaper. I’m getting ready to make an actual display shelf to show off my camera collection; I still have the 110 camera I carried in my empty ammo pouch during Army basic. Then there is the whole new world of folks taking smart phone pics too, but I find it impossible to give up my wide-angle lenses and zooms – photo details rule!

Have you taken a photo field trip from your porch or front door lately? Give it a try!


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2 responses to “Can You Take A Photo Field Trip From Your Front Porch?

  1. Wonderful idea! I’ve seen as many as six different types of birds at one time from the patio. After working for photo labs for several years, I’ve collected a lot of cameras too. Maybe we should open a camera museum? 🙂

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