Oregon Zoo Elephants Romp In Their New Digs

by Kimberly A. Cook         (Twitter@ WarriorTales)

Back to the Zoo! Recently the ladies of the Oregon Zoo elephant herd, with the lovely Miss Lily, got to check out part of their expanding space. This elephant size remodel is being done in stages and with help from the pachyderms.

Seems sample lots of sand were brought in and tested by the elephants to find their perfect brand. Turns out our Portland pachyderms prefer that fabulous sand used on golf courses on their tootsies and it drains the rain really well.

So far the girls and babies have checked the place over, but the real test will come next with Tusko and Packy, the big boys. Since the trainers say Tusko “breaks everything,” can’t wait to see if we’ve built it “Tusko Strong” or not.

Check out what the ladies did in their new digs and how they inspected their new play toys. Happy Quirky Friday!

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  1. Grab a snack on the way! 😀

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