Want To Be A Successful Indie Author?

by Kimberly A. Cook         (Twitter@ WarriorTales)

My brain has been on fire the past two weeks. I’ve been reading a new book, “Write. Publish, Repeat.” by Sean Platt, Johnny B. Truant and with David Wright of the Self Publishing Podcast. The book is chockfull of great advice for career indie authors and I mean folks who want to publish lots of books. Many books.

(Truth in blogging: Book buy link in graphic below. I think I get about 5 cents per copy if you buy from this link, so there might be a McDonald’s Happy Meal in my future! Could not figure out the image size thing – sigh.)


These three writers are making a full-time living by producing like crazy and having a viable marketing plan on how they group their products. It’s like taking the book series concept and putting it on Red Bull – hard-charging. The majority of their work is fiction, which we know is an even bigger challenge as an indie publisher, so these guys have got game.

They also are very clear; building a publishing career takes time and hard work. Period. I purchased the ebook and it ended up being 900+ pages on my Nook with the larger font size I use. At 5.99, a bargain. In the back of the book they had several interviews with self-published indie authors. C.J. Lyons mentioned the book, “Start With Why,” by Simon Sinek in her profile, so I bought and downloaded that gem. Another great read, halfway through it.

Now the interesting part is some of the ideas in the Why book contradict a few things in the “Write. Publish. Repeat.” book. What does this mean? Nobody has all the answers and fairy dust may be the ultimate answer.

With both traditional and indie authors crossing the lines in both publishing directions, what remains is each writer/author makes the best choice for how they want to build a publishing career. Technology has put the publishing power back in the hands of authors. We get to decide what we want with the most flexibility since Benjamin Franklin self published.

And with “great power comes great responsibility,” like Spiderman was told. We need to be professionals and wear two hats, artist and CEO/CFO. Both books are helping me clarify my current vision from what I was thinking back in 2006 when I decided to self publish.

Back then I thought “Why should I pimp my writing out to someone else and pay them when I care the most about my work?” It’s the same reason I have a target retirement stock fund and not a stockbroker; I can churn my own money, thank you very much. If anybody is going to pimp/promote my work, it’s me. It’s a lot faster to publish too when you have a polished and pristine manuscript ready to go.

Check out the book and you don’t have buy it, but it’s a great read if you want a career as an indie author.

P.S. Book is NOT an April Fools Day thing. Really. It’s legit.


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2 responses to “Want To Be A Successful Indie Author?

  1. Just bought the download! You’re one step closer to that Happy Meal. 😀

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