Congratulations To The Oregon Ducks!

by Kimberly A. Cook                 (Twitter@  WarriorTales)

My neighbor’s dog may never recover his hearing, but the University of Oregon Ducks won the Rose Bowl yesterday and I cheered and yelled for all I was worth. It’s so nice to see good folks win. Especially when they represent our state. Hat’s off to Florida State for trying, but the Quack Attack undid them in the third quarter. Reminded me of the swarm scene from the movie “The Birds.”

Best of luck to the Ducks in the National Championship, but win or lose, this team is classy and works with the “we” mentality.  And it shows. The team arrives back in Oregon today, so after a 10 minute celebration I know they will be getting back to the business of football to get ready for the next game. In the meantime, thanks for the great memories you’ve already given us. Go Ducks!

P.S. Yes, that is the song “Shout” they are singing at the end, since the movie “Animal House” was filmed at the U of O, it’s a fan classic at the games. Have a great weekend and Happy Quirky Friday!


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