Got Spring Fever?

by Kimberly A. Cook             (Twitter@ WarriorTales)

The Super Bowl is over so it must be Spring. Wait one. Poor Punxsutawney Phil the Groundhog had to use an ice ax and a snow blower to even reach daylight yesterday, so seeing his shadow was a guarantee. More winter for all. While the East is under their thirteenth snow attack it seems, flowers are blooming here in Oregon.

How is this for a perfect pink camellia blossom?

How is this for a perfect pink camellia blossom?

At my writer friend’s house Saturday to carpool to our support group, she had a fabulous yard full of blooming camellias. Could not resist taking a few pictures, but I have no idea of the camellias names. An article in the newspaper a couple of weeks ago said the camellia in my backyard which blooms during the winter and sets off Spec Ops Cat’s allergies is a Yuletide. Makes sense since it is bright red with a yellow center.

I’d chop it down but the birdies love it. Plus Spec Ops Cat enjoys watching the birdies, Cat TV from inside, so it’s a Catch- 22. Since we had sun on Saturday and rain on Sunday, made me want to either take a nap in a sun spot or cuddle up in a blanket. Spec Ops Cat chose to sleep in the sun spot. Smart boy.

It might be the transition time of year here but we can always get another snow event, like we did in February 2014. Think it is the possibility of Spring that makes me want to run and break out my sandals. Too cold now, but my toes love to run naked when they can.

The Mamas and Papas song, “California Dreamin” comes to mind, but my version would be Spring Dreamin. I checked the planter full of bulbs and the brave ones are raising their little green heads above the soil. On Feb. 16, President’s Day, it will be time to cut back the roses.

The days roll on and suddenly we will turn the clocks back and then Spring will arrive. Spring is my favorite season with all the new growth and buds. And Easter bunnies! Here’s wishing us all dreams of Spring and warmer days.

Took this photo of the moon from my backyard last night. The calendar says tonight is the Snow Moon. Don't tell the East Coast!

Took this photo of the moon from my backyard last night. The calendar says tonight is the Snow Moon. Don’t tell the East Coast!

And hopefully someone gave Phil the Groundhog a nice big cup of cocoa with mini-marshmallows to keep him warm until Spring arrives.

If you want to check on Phil:






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2 responses to “Got Spring Fever?

  1. Hi Kim: The Portland Zoo had Whiskers and he foretold spring here. AND he’s supposed to be 1% more accurate than Phil……who was 39% currently. Whiskers was on TV last two days. Quite young but very cute! Love,


  2. I didn’t know that about President’s Day and pruning roses. I’ll get my clippers ready! I vote for Whiskers. 🙂

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