Would A Carnation By Any Other Name Smell Of Spring?

by Kimberly A. Cook                     (Twitter@   WarriorTales)

The great thing about gardening is the unexpected surprises. Went out the door on Sunday and found out my carnation had bloomed, all by it’s little own self. I’d noticed the buds, but it was in full on open to the world mode. Fabulous!

The perfect pink carnations for Spring!

The perfect pink carnations for Spring!

While I love roses, carnations are like a very dear friend. The memories they bring back start with the large all carnation lei I brought home from a trip to Hawaii, my corsage for the Senior Prom and then all the way back to spending weekends at my Grandma Cook’s home. She grew carnations in her yard and they smelled like cinnamon under the fir trees.

The scents of Spring to me range from daphne to hyacinths, but I know carnations are my favorite. From their soft and lacy petals to the variety of colors, their fragrance still sweeps across me like the smell of Clove gum or butter rum lifesavers always hidden in my Grandma’s purse. Treasures waiting to be discovered.

The bright sun, the smell of the earth blooming anew once again, all the best parts of starting the growing season and Mother Earth coming back to life. Spring gives me hope and carnations; two great presents in one. What are your favorite Spring memories and flowers?


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4 responses to “Would A Carnation By Any Other Name Smell Of Spring?

  1. Purple Iris. Mom had a bed of them at the side of the garage. The sight of them every spring take me home.

  2. Janet

    Daphne. Grandma Hamm had an enormous shrub in her garden. I will always associate that flower and overwhelming fragrance with her.

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