What’s Sugar Free, Fabulous And Holds Bling?

by Kimberly A. Cook            (Twitter@   WarriorTales)

Couple years ago I got serious about losing weight because my fat jeans were strangling me. One of the things I did on “The Belly Fat Cure” by Jorge Cruise was to substitute Truvia natural sweetener for Splenda. Cruise advocates cutting excessive sugar grams and processed carbs in your diet and staying off chemical-based sweeteners.

Truvia container with label. Then naked containers with baubles inside. Like my jewelry tools mug holders?

Truvia container with label. Then naked containers with baubles inside. Like my jewelry tools mug holders? Who remembers the tv show “Northern Exposure?” My kind of crazy!

So 18-months later and 33 pounds lighter, I was accumulating a stockpile of said clear plastic Truvia containers. Since we have to up cycle everything around here, just like in “Portlandia” on tv, I thought they would make great storage holders for the odd-sized beads and things I use to make jewelry.

They work so well! First, I’m buying Truvia all the time anyway which makes the storage containers free to me. Score! They’re wide-mouthed and have a nice snapping lid, but I can also unscrew the top to wash it out and easily clean inside. They are fun to arrange, they stack well and are see-through!

Even spent bullet casings leftover from my Dad’s weapons collection fit inside one; I know I can turn those into jewelry some day. They’re great to take in the car for shell collecting on the beach and also putting screws and nails in for safe-keeping. In life as in recycling, it only takes a different perspective to change ourselves, our career or our sweetener containers into something different, fun and useful.

Perhaps that’s one reason I enjoy watching Flea Market Flip on HGTV so much. I like to see other folk’s visions about re-purposing items and know right away what works for me or not. Sometimes I cringe when I see a piece of furniture I think is perfect the way it is get all gussied up or turned wacko, but everybody’s got their own design style – mine is French country Victorian with lots of books. And beads. And teapots. And shoes.

What’s your design style? Got fun up cycled storage container ideas?

P.S. For those of you keeping track, I am back down under my 5-pound big no no limit after the Easter candy/ham/potatoes/gravy and leftovers week food fest. Lettuce is my friend. One must be ever vigilant!


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3 responses to “What’s Sugar Free, Fabulous And Holds Bling?

  1. Janet

    Mason jars are my fav. Holding flowers to my crafting supplies to individual desserts to an upcycled light fixture over my cooktop. Love em!

  2. Maybe I should start buying the jars instead of packets for your collection!

  3. I love re-purposing containers. Nothing goes to waste around here!

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