What Flower is Your Grandmother?

by Kimberly A. Cook          (Twitter@   WarriorTales)

Walked into the grocery store on the way home from the day job last night to get three things. Walked out with the three things plus three carnation plants and three tomato plants and one small pink flamingo with flapping wings to go in a potted plant. I’m a sucker for Spring flowers and odd yard art!

Gift plant from my Mom when I was under the weather. LOVE the color of the blooms. Must get more potting soil....

Gift plant from my Mom when I was under the weather. Celosia Intenz. LOVE the color of the blooms. Must get more potting soil….

Now I had specifically told myself not to buy any tomato plants until Mother’s Day, the best time to put them in the soil. Even though I had spied the coveted yellow pear tomato plants at the store last weekend, I did not purchase last time. They’ll be more I told myself. But when I sauntered by the same plant display last night and didn’t see the yellow pear tomato plants, I panicked. THEY bought them all!

Wait one. They’d just rearranged the plant display. They were shuffled to the middle. Retailers are tricky that way. Not taking any chances I scooped two yellow pear tomato plants up and added one sweet cherry 100 for good measure. I prefer to grow the baby tomatoes; easier to cut in half for salads and I think I have a huge crop when I see all the produce on the vines.

While sniffing the carnation plants at the garden center, the clerk asked if I needed help. “Found the carnations,” I said. “Carnations always remind me of my grandmother,” I told her. “Pansies and fuchsias remind me of mine,” she replied. Even flowers have stories and memories. Scent and smell are powerful things. So I bought the carnations of course.

Now I have to buy potting soil to get these gems planted before the big rains come later this week. I usually don’t plant before Mother’s Day, cold soil and all, but with this warm early Spring, perhaps I can get away with it. Gardening is an adventure!

Got tomato plants? Got carnation plants? Got potting soil?


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5 responses to “What Flower is Your Grandmother?

  1. sharleen tindeland

    Camilias(white and pink) pansies(the monekyfaces on them she showed me) and fuscias(the big “old fashioned ones you could pop open”!)….I had a VERY gardening grandmother! lol.
    You’re soooooo fortunate to have a mother who can buy your plants once in awhile!

  2. sharleen tindeland

    oh yeah…Mother’s Day here in Norway is in February—so you REALLY don’t plant until after it! lol……………

  3. Janet

    Daphne, lilac and hollyhocks!

  4. Not technically a flower, but Hen & Chicks remind me of my grandma. Years ago she gave me a coffee can of starts and they’re growing all over the place now! Must get tomatoes…

  5. You’re ahead of the game this year. I’m still debating! Nice pic of the purple one. Daphne and roses are my favorites but many others are too.

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