Back On The Patio Again…..

by Kimberly A. Cook            (Twitter@  WarriorTales)

My to do list for this past long weekend was quite optimistic. However, I did accomplish about half of the things so that is a big win in my book. One of the most important items was releasing the yard gnomes from the garage.

Gnomeo is pretty darn happy Juliet managed to get herself together and return to the yard. He's such a flirt!

Gnomeo is pretty darn happy Juliet managed to get herself together and return to the yard. He’s such a flirt!

The poor buggers have been locked up ever since the fence went down in the big blow in early February. Through no fault of their own they had to be rounded up and secured in the garage for their own safety.

While the construction schedule and then actual fence replacing got under way, it was three long months of incarceration. I missed the little tykes.

So with the fence recently completed, this weekend was the big event. This included getting all the gnomes and yard buddies scrubbed up and getting Juliet put back together. Thanks to the miracle of Gorilla Glue, I was able to keep her from falling apart and get her two halves reacquainted. Much to Gnomeo’s delight as you can see in the picture.

Then yesterday there was a release party complete with chips, burgers and strawberry shortcake with a select invited crowd and the celebration began. Capping off the big event included the introduction of a new member to the family, Book Gnome. Life is good. We even got a few peeks of sunlight during the afternoon festivities.

Now it’s time to move on to the next items on the to do list; cutting fence planks and tech issues. Think I’d rather go play with the gnomes……


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3 responses to “Back On The Patio Again…..

  1. Carol

    You are motivating me to uncover the patio furniture and finish planting. Just have to get over my asthma flare – back to Prednisone and inhalers. Happy Friday for you!

  2. Janet

    While I’m not a gnome fan, my garden junk is on full display after spreading three yards of bark dust over the weekend!

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