Are You Ready For Some “Big Magic” This Fall?

by Kimberly A. Cook               (Twitter@  WarriorTales)

Few things get me more excited than word of a new book by a favorite author. Double that when the book is about creativity and I’d only heard rumors about it until recently. So, while I am marking my calendar for September 22nd this year, I wanted to share the info with those of you like-minded creative types. The new book was announced Jan. 12th, but I’ve been oblivious I guess.

Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book is “Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear.” I’m figuring out whether to take vacation time from the day job to hit the bookstore first thing that morning and/or pre-order it from her “Two Buttons” store so I can get an autographed copy. I’m thinking both. Why deny myself?

I’ve come to realize I prefer getting a paperback or hard copy of non-fiction books because highlighting on my ereader makes a mess; kidding, but not quite. Physically underlining words on a page reinforces the learning process of the brain and I can use all the education help I can get. Plus, I’m addicted to those Post-It Note Flags.

So for all of us creative types, and that is pretty much everybody on the planet, more book fun to come. Plus the cover is partly pink! Living the dream!

P.S. The Portland Rose Festival is in grand swing now and Fleet Week starts on Wednesday. Check out the link to see which ships are coming for a visit. Too fun! Brings back high school days memories; seeing sexy U.S. and Canadian Navy uniforms. But I can’t swim for beans or chocolate so into the Army and Air Force I went!


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2 responses to “Are You Ready For Some “Big Magic” This Fall?

  1. bettico

    For those of us who’ve not developed our creative side much, Big Magic does indeed sound like magic. Thanks, Kim.

  2. Will have to get the book now, knowing the fun behind the cover!

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