It’s Time For Minion Shopping!

by Kimberly A. Cook              (Twitter@   WarriorTales)

Ever since Hollywood missed out on marketing stuff for the film “Top Gun,” it seems each new blockbuster ends up with more “products” than stars in the sky. Some of those items are fun and a bunch don’t make much sense, but obviously they make somebody money. Case in point, the run-up to the opening of the “Minions” movie this Friday.

Don’t get me wrong, these little yellow guys are too cute. Yes, I’ve been haunting to see when the new toys were released – yesterday! But I don’t quite understand the other products offered. I’ve seen everything from paper towels to dusters with the Minions on them. Now if I had a battalion of Minions who used dusters at my house, then we’d have something.

I’m a sucker for cartoons and especially “animated movies.” When you add in the fact that these little yellow guys bear a striking resemblance to Twinkies, their allure is unmistakable. I understand there are even Minion cupcakes you can make by slicing a Twinkie in half and plopping it on a cupcake. I bet you can find that on Pinterest! My problem would be making sure I didn’t eat half of the Twinkies in the decorating process.

So with us Oregonians on day 14 of a potential 17 day heat wave above 90 degrees, my mind turns to mush and then to Minions. Since I spent the weekend afternoons indoor rotating between fire watch and viewing Hallmark Christmas Movies – yes they were on tv – it seems anything involving cake and humor is right up my alley these days.

So in case you are among the two people on the planet who do not know the “Minions” movie opens on Friday, I have two pieces of advice.

Get your Happy Meal Minion toys now.

And it’s time to start hoarding Twinkies!



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4 responses to “It’s Time For Minion Shopping!

  1. sharleen tindeland

    i’ve just gotta tell ya, u always give me the wierdest of advices!!!!!

  2. Karen

    You know it is really interesting that hot weather, stock market freezes and airplane groundings all happened on the same day, maybe the tech is getting grouchy in a minion way?!? Nah that can’t be it can it?

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