Can You Command A Star Ship While Tipsy?

by Kimberly A. Cook                    (Twitter@   WarriorTales)

Creativity is everywhere. Spent last Friday at the Willamette Writers Conference here in Portland and had a great day. Attended several classes including one about web series and the up and comers who are using YouTube to get noticed by Hollywood. The web series faculty were all locals and it was fun for me to discover these talented folks.

Seems like the perfect time in August to let everyone see this “Star Trek” spoof they filmed while the actors were drunk; they planned it that way. While not my cup of tea, too many sugar calories in alcohol, it was a kick to watch. Even more fun were the production descriptions of how they had to measure alcohol to keep the actors from napping, then finally came up with getting each actor blotto separately.

Auditions were a challenge they said too since some folks can drink alcohol and act and others, not so much. They even have a sponsor, a local distillery. Seems like even the creative video storytelling industry is getting more complicated.

And imagine my joy when later in the day at the Visual Storytelling Panel one faculty member/film producer talked about the universal appeal of film, video and photographs reaching beyond language barriers; he mentioned the “Minions.” They really are taking over!

So in these Dog Days of August, what better way to waste some time than being entertained by a local production. Seems when some of the Star Drunk cast members went to DragonCon, this Captain Kirk was recognized from his starring YouTube role. The world is indeed getting very small!

So enjoy and remember; don’t walk drunk, don’t drive drunk and for heaven’s sake don’t pilot your space ships drunk! Let’s all be careful out there!


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