And The Farce Awakens!

by Kimberly A. Cook             (Twitter@  WarriorTales)

I love Star Wars. So with the opening of the latest installment in the series, of course I want to drag out my favorite Star Wars video reenactments. It’s two-fer Friday! Go hug a droid. Isn’t BB-8 adorable?

Have a great weekend and may the Force be with us all! Happy Quirky Friday!

And not to be out done by kittens!




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2 responses to “And The Farce Awakens!

  1. Karen

    OMG the hours that it takes to make these videos…amazing! I loved the Store Wars…should be shown in every school! The Jedi kittens was also a howler, loved the fish coming out of the water. Very talented folks these makers are!

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