Rolling Into The Holidays

by Kimberly A. Cook         (Twitter@  WarriorTales)

Today is Christmas to many people around the world and maybe other bloggers are being very profound and insightful; not me. Because today I am eating every holiday goodie in sight; including lasagna, garlic bread, fruit salad, coleslaw, and tons of cookies. Plus chocolate. And eggnog. And hot chocolate. With whip cream. (No calories on Christmas! Santa says so!) Accompanied by family all around to help me snack away the day.

So when I finish all my happy noshing, I’m going to move like this little(?) pet raccoon to get around the house. So here’s hoping everyone enjoys the holiday of their choice, with friends and family who bring you joy today and all year. Plus all our feathered, furred, finned and four-legged critters who are our best pals all year long.

Merry Christmas to all, Happy Holidays to all, have a great weekend and Happy Quirky Christmas Friday!






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One response to “Rolling Into The Holidays

  1. Raccoons are so clever. Wouldn’t it be fun to “roll” that way? Happy noshing!

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