Are You Ready To Take Spring Snapshots?

by Kimberly A. Cook          (Twitter@  WarriorTales)

Last Tuesday Velda the hedgehog at the Oregon Zoo predicted an early Spring. Seems Phil the Groundhog said the same thing, but Velda has a better record than Phil, so hedgehogs rock! True to both their predictions, signs of the coming Spring abounded this past weekend.


Real live crocus. Yes!


On my way to my writer group, I stopped at my carpool buddy’s house. She needed to take her dog Amos, a Corgi, for a quick walk before we left. Amos was not too thrilled about the “quick” part of the walk, he wanted to mosey. I couldn’t blame him. So while they were off finding the perfect tree, I wandered in her front yard taking photos.


How is this for a pink beauty? I have no idea what it’s called besides pretty!


My carpool buddy is a member of the camellia society and you can see why. I could not resist the pictures. So here are a few of my favorites.


Another stunner. How gorgeous is this?

Not to be outdone, these red berry things looked gorgeous too. They felt like the holidays but looked like Spring. How do they do that?



Pretty to look at but I bet you shouldn’t eat them; whatever they’re named.


Then the next day on my way back from the grocery store Super Bowl morning, I took a wrong turn but ended up with a perfect view of Mt. Hood. We say “the mountain is out” around here when we can see it, so this gorgeous sunny Sunday was the perfect time to get a picture of her with all her snow.


Gorgeous Mt. Hood, no longer naked, but with a fresh coat of snow. She’s a beauty! 

So have camera will travel! Right around my own neighborhood. Are you ready to take Spring snapshots?




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3 responses to “Are You Ready To Take Spring Snapshots?

  1. Janet

    I was looking at my yellow crocus on Sunday and thought “I need to take a photo of these….” and then didn’t! Glad you captured a shot!

  2. sharleen

    nice photos thanks for sharing….the only things we have out, as yet, are snowbells and even they are scarce at my neck of the woods. Today was a tiny bit of ice on the windshield…it’s supposed to go cold again…net weekk is wintervacation at schools. We have something called “Fastelavens ris” tho….it’s birch branches with colored feathers attatched and then you hope that they will sprout birchleaves by Easter.Wish I knew how to send you a photo.

  3. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Can spring be far away?

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