A Cat’s Office Work Is Never Done?

by Kimberly A. Cook               (Twitter@  WarriorTales)

Spent my day off yesterday working in my home office. Hallelujah! Not only did I find the top of my desk, I also managed to sort papers to start taxes. My goal this year is to make my C.P.A. faint by turning in my taxes early. One can hope.


Spec Ops Cat hard at work doing the office grind. 


While I was slaving away sorting tons of paper and later out trimming my roses, Spec Ops Cat had the tough job of trying to find comfy places to sleep. You can see from the photo he managed to cozy up on his pink blanket on my desk for an afternoon sun nap. Sometimes he got up and tried to rearrange my receipts or step on the computer keys; a cat’s work is never done.

When he wasn’t messing up my keyboard the tech Gods did shine on me and I managed to get the photos transferred from my Samsung Galaxy SII phone to my computer by using the card reader I blogged about earlier. Of course it did not go smoothly, since at first I was trying to upload pics from my SIM card, but once I figured out I had to use the tiny SD card, it worked much better.

Accomplishing this task also shed some light on my email phone problem. Once I started to delete photos on my phone, emails began to appear. Odd. Dawned on me it is a memory issue. Turns out the mini SD card in the phone has a whopping 1G of memory. Really? Must go buy mini/micro whatever it is with more memory.

Everything needs accessories and more memory! Including me.

Got phone memory issues? Got helpful office cats?



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