Do You Have Any Cat Clutter?

by Kimberly A. Cook               (Twitter@  WarriorTales)

Spent part of the weekend reading my latest how to kill clutter book. I have at least a dozen of those guides. No matter how I try I’m always purging and cleaning  out my desk, closets, cabinets, the garage, my purse and the pantry.


To kitty nap on new summer tops, perchance to dream. 


How do we get so much stuff? Part of my collections I give a pass; books, beads, bears, shoes and DVDs. And office supplies – I have an unholy addiction to office supplies. But if OfficeMax is closed, I’m covered, and so is most of Oregon if needed.

So while looking back at photos from March 2014, digital photo clutter, I happened upon a bunch of my favorite feline doing his best to help me organize. Not. These were three brand new blouses that I had laid out on the bed to put away. Before I could turn around and chant “blueberry pop tarts,” Spec Ops Cat made himself a new bed.

Not that he needed another bed, he has at least five “official” beds downstairs and three upstairs. But he felt the need to add a special frilly one to his collection. Good thing he’s cute, cuddly and performs perimeter patrol.

While vacuuming this past weekend I also had to move his toys. Not all his toys, just the bunch which are currently spread all over the house until I rotate them with his stash in the closet. Of all the toys I buy him and Grandma gets for him, the twist ties off the new electronic gadgets are his favorites.

I bet I could get my home organized, but all the books have never mentioned what to do with cat clutter. Perhaps that’s because we all know when it comes to our pets, they rule. A plaque I have says, “When all else fails, hug the cat.”

Who needs decluttering books anyway? Got pets? Got clutter? Enjoy it!





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2 responses to “Do You Have Any Cat Clutter?

  1. Thankfully the vacuum can’t pick up dog bones and chew toys…lol. Adorable Spec Ops pic!

  2. ann helm

    Hi Kim!

    I enjoy your blog. You are probably aware of that best selling book on getting rid of clutter – can’t recall the title but the Japanese author says the item needs to “spark joy” or else get rid of it.

    On another note, if you go to you can see the 182 year old tortoise that lives on a 5 x 10 mile island, St Helena. Incredible. He was featured this past Sunday on the PBS show Globe Trekker – take care,


    PS Beautiful blouse!


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