How About A Private Camellia Show?

When I motored over to my writer friend’s house April 2nd for writer support group, I arrived a little early and got to wander in her yard. It was a week before the “official” camellia show and I had a private viewing.


How fabulous is this? He told me the name but I forgot, stunned by its beauty. 


These gorgeous flowers are award winners on many levels and they grow them all around their home. With the warm Spring weather and hot days, my friend’s husband was concerned they might not have the best buds for the show. Lucky for me I always have my camera.

Looking at some of the beauties in their yard, he told me about how much work went into making the different varieties and how he had been sought out by growers for plant starts. Seems camellia fanatics check out the winners of these shows and then hunt down the growers for stock, nationally and internationally. Who knew?


This reminds me of candy. Maybe peppermint circles?


All too soon it was time to head off in our carpool to the writer’s group and leave the lovely blooms behind. The amazing symmetry, beauty and jaw dropping designs of these camellias are simply stunning.


The petals on this camellia take my breath away. Certainly a show stopper!


In the backyard of my parent’s house is a gorgeous fuchsia pink camellia with a bright yellow center. I’ve grown up with that bush and it’s still there, blooming away. My friend and her husband have the same one in their yard besides all the other amazing varieties. I had no idea there were so many types. Their camellias are all truly award winners, official and unofficial.

Got camellias? It’s show time!



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2 responses to “How About A Private Camellia Show?

  1. Janet

    I had absolutely no idea there were this many varieties! Thank you for sharing these gorgeous specimens!

  2. Sally Petersen

    Kim, your photos are exquisite. Who knew? S.


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