Harvey the Hurricane Hawk Doing Better

September. We made it. Hugs to Houston, the entire populations of Texas and Louisiana, all the emergency responders, Texas National Guard, military personnel, federal personnel, volunteer rescuers, animal rescue teams and non-profit organization staff too.

The Oregon Humane Society has four-members of their FEMA-certified animal rescue team in Houston. You can read about their activities here: https://www.oregonhumane.org/updates-ohs-harvey-response-team/

The Houston Zoo was not flooded and reopened today. Other folks worked heroically to rescue cats, dogs, horses, birds, beavers and even possums. The Fire Department rescued a young sea turtle who ended up a long way from the sea during the flood. He is in rehab.

Right before the hurricane hit, this little Cooper’s hawk was injured and jumped in a cab to catch a ride. Very smart little guy. He was turned over to the TWRC Wildlife Center and is on the mend with his wing injury. Here are two updates on him.

Have a safe Labor Day Weekend. Happy Quirky Friday. Donate to an organization if you can!


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