Looking For Spring?


So this was the scene outside my office window after midnight last week. I looked out at 11:44 p.m. and nothing on the ground. At 12:30 a.m. this is what I saw.  Sneak attack snow storm! The third or fourth of the week.

by Kimberly A. Cook

That makes two of us. We had rolling snow storms last week, the arctic equivalent of the movie “Ground Hog Day.” The daffodils were not prepared and tried to go back in the ground. Didn’t work.

I ended up doing combat grocery shopping last Tuesday during the morning snow storm to avoid going out in the afternoon snow storm. When the snow shows up in Oregon, we go to the store and stock up, on donuts. Those shelves were stripped bare. Not a Ho Ho in sight.

And now I am two days into Olympics withdrawal. I suddenly have all this time on my hands. Except I do have a bunch of Hallmark movies on my DVR again after the Olympics. Spring better come soon or I won’t be able to get out of the LaZBoy.

But I have been able to do a ton of reading and writing. How fun. Nothing like being trapped by a snow storm to give you the excuse to read. And munch donuts. I did not buy donuts. I bought Marion berry pie. The cookies were a gift, so I’m not responsible.

Did slog out in one of the snow storms to buy more Fairy Rock Garden accessories. It was a fifty percent off sale and I had an additional twenty percent off coupon. Almost free! I drive a Subaru because I have to get to fairy garden equipment sales in snow storms. Makes complete sense to me. Fewer pesky shoppers in my way too.

Fairy Rock Garden bling makes me happy. Planning for warm weather activities makes me happy. Spring will come again!

Got Spring goals?


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2 responses to “Looking For Spring?

  1. sharleen tindeland

    spring goals…remember to take the gunny sacks off the rhododendrons…remember to ask the neighbor if i can cut off about a quarter of her sick plum tree which shades my flowerbed(shes never at home and the newest is that they dont even Have a doorbell…they only have a code to be punched to get in)…and i TRULLY havent done diddley squat to provoke this! othe goals…well SOMEDAY i am going to Not wear wool underwear, comfortabley! hahaha…thanks for Your giggles!

  2. sharleen tindeland

    we are having a REAL Cold spell…about a week and a half or more of Cold in t he twenties…and on the coast that means it feels like 10s…..brrrrrrrrr and they¨ve promised us a 50% increase on electricity bills this month And there¨s a shortage of Wood if you buy that….sigh. And believe me my wonderful extra layer of fat does nada to provide extra warmth…now isnt THAT a kicker or what?!!! ha. i have bought myself a bouquet of hothouse tulips just to remember i am a loving female.! Its gotta get better…..

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