Have You Hugged An Easter Alpaca?


How cute are these two? Still in the paper bag when they arrived home. I’m keeping the pastel one and have named her Rainbow. She has moved into my office. Easter alpacas on sale. Is this a great country or what?

by Kimberly A. Cook

Bought two alpacas yesterday. Don’t freak, they were stuffed toys. Gotcha! The last thing I need is something else to take care of, as cute as alpacas may be. I like having the excuse to drive up the Columbia River Gorge or over to Sisters to make personal alpaca visits.

They were a complete impulse buy. I was on a mission for potting soil and ended up with these two cuties as well. One is a gift, one is for writing inspiration. Seems the next fiction book in my Vintage Vets series involves alpacas. Animals just keep showing up in my writing. I am not in charge.

But first I feel I should apologize to the USA residents in the East. Sorry about all the stupid snow. It was 69 degrees here yesterday, a fluke and we loved it, hence the potting soil trip. Rain again today, so back to our regularly scheduled weather.

When you live on the West coast, for me everything past Montana is back East. I have been told by Midwesterners that is not correct, but it works for us out here. Imagine that is why in Hawaii we are all “the mainland” because the rest of the country is East to them, except for Alaska which is North and East.

Potting soil bags does mean Spring is on its way. I’m downing the allergy pills to prove it. The two toys were on sale as Easter alpacas. Never heard of Easter alpacas, but I fell for it. Sometimes you just need an Easter alpaca.

What Spring rituals are you looking forward to?


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2 responses to “Have You Hugged An Easter Alpaca?

  1. Julie Clark

    I completely agree with your adoration of alpacas. I did find an Easter duck for someone once so I think we know some of the same animals.

    When I briefly lived in Michigan I mentioned something about my family coming from back East in Wisconsin. I was frostily informed that Michigan and Wisconsin are not in the East, they are in the Midwest. It’s a touchy subject back there. Of course, they had no idea where Oregon is and a vague of California as a reference point. At least I knew all the Great Lakes and where they were!

  2. sharleen tindeland

    ah yes western and eastern…its here too…i will not go into it…norway it NOT just Oslo….spring rituals…well..none come to mind but i hope that i will be able to smell lilacs again before July…hahaha and maybe goggle over croccus and daffodils. we are in a deep freeze here…no way to get a shovel in the ground. It was gorgeous sun the last couple of days and today windstill…which is Heavenly! but jeez I¨d like some Spring.

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