Time For Spring Break And Surfing!

by Kimberly A. Cook

Spring break next week here in Oregon. Makes me hark back to my youth of surfing movies, Beach Boys songs and the fact I can’t swim for beans. But I am fabulous at watching from the shore. I might try surfing in a pool; small wake.

This video may better explain my story last week about trying to get a rock out of the surf on this beach. Forgettaboutit!

The movie, “Ride The Wild Surf,” released in 1964. Love story too. In Hawaii. Explains so much about me and my girlfriends raised on these flicks. Still looking for Moondoggie…

Have a great safe weekend and Happy Quirky Friday! Cowabunga!


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2 responses to “Time For Spring Break And Surfing!

  1. Janet

    Your swimming comment made me think about why I too am a poor swimmer…could it have had something to do with the swim teacher we had? I think if he’d used those tactics today, he wouldn’t be teaching any longer! But crazy thing? I always wanted to learn to surf!

  2. Julie Clark

    Ah, Moondoggie. I think I watched every variation of Gidget ever made. Never wanted to surf, but I wanted the ocean to warm up so I could spend more than two minutes in it! Now that I’m way adult, I spend 0 minutes in it. We had a La Nina year and the Oregon coastal water shot from 55 to 60 degrees. That was enough to feel like a spa to me. I have low expectations!

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