I am a warrior woman writer with a quirky sense of humor who is venturing into the world of blogs. Please put your seats in the upright and locked position. Check out my web site at www.warriortales.com

Background? Commercial alert! A former award-winning newspaper journalist, photojournalist, screenwriter and now author. My work appeared in Army, The Officer, The Writer and Romance Writers Report magazines. Established my military writing business, Warrior Tales LLC in 1997. (I was three-years-old. Really.)

Currently working on the second edition of my book, Do Bar Fights Count? How To Write Your Military Stories, which the new title will be Writing War Stories. The book is based on the class I developed and taught for three years at Mt. Hood Community College in Gresham, Oregon named Writing War Stories. Hence, the change of the book title for the second edition. (A writing example of why you need to kill all your darlings! That includes titles.) Plus, a bunch of other writing non-fiction titles in process along with romantic suspense fiction. Building my media empire.

Speaker at the Romance Writers of America National Conference in San Francisco, California, the National Americal Division Veterans Association Reunion and the National Blue Spaders (Big Red One) Reunion, and the Northwest Regional Navy Wives Clubs of America Convention.  

An Army active duty enlisted woman with the Fourth Infantry Division at Fort Carson, Colorado and an Aeromedical Evacuation Operations Officer with the 40th AES Air Force Reserve at McChord Air Force Base, Washington, also a former Department of Veterans Affairs Public Affairs Officer.

I’m pretty much a loose cannon with some media skills who likes to write and makeup stories for fiction books in addition to being a weapons trained cupcake. For some reason I seem to get into interesting adventures. Feel free to follow along. Life is short, play hard!  (I know it’s a cliche, but I LIKE it!)

5 responses to “About

  1. Hi! I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award! It is an award recognizing small blogs, so please continue the tradition by nominating others! You can find out more on my page at http://emilyramos.wordpress.com/2013/04/18/liebster-award/
    Have a lovely day!

  2. Fritz

    You’d fit right in at baen’s bar. Check out John Ringo’s spot or Tom Kratman’s kratskeller:)
    What are you waitin’ for? Git in here!

    P.S. Your niece sent me your link!
    (the notorious leaperman)

  3. Interesting to run across another female veteran who writes. I never thought to look for any others, nor for a Spec Ops Cat, either. Best Wishes, Christine Plouvier

  4. I’m very pleased to meet you.

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