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Got Spring Fever Snoozies?


Hugging trees time!

by Kimberly A. Cook

Napping. That is all I want to do right now. Between the wacky weather going from ice in the bird bath to rain then warm exploding buds then back to a windstorm this Saturday, my body thinks winter might be returning. Or the pollen is cutting off my air supply. Think both actually apply.

While I should be working on business projects, reviewing the beta readers comments on my fiction book and writing, I want to snooze. Seems this always happens when the season turns from winter to spring and fall to winter. Primitive cave wiring, hibernate time.

While driving on errands I see folks jogging along the side of the road and get jealous. Not that their jogging, hate that after doing it five days a week every morning in the Army, but the fact they seem to have energy. Where do they get that? Caffeine? Red Bull? No allergies? Maybe all of the above. Scary.

So sometimes you have to slow down and take the nap. Don’t fight it. Spec Ops Cat is a ninja nap master. I have much to learn from him. Of course he gets to sleep a minimum eighteen hours a day, so he has it down to a science; upstairs naps, downstairs naps and hiding in the closet naps.

My Army Battalion Commander used to take a thirty-minute power nap at lunch every day. As a troop you really don’t want your Battalion Commander recharged for the afternoon, but it worked for him.

On my way home from Office Depot today, I stopped to take some quick photos of the blooms. So pretty. Bees were everywhere doing their job. Very busy. I also practiced my spring ritual of reaching out and touching the blossoms. Love to cup them in my hand. So soft.

Spring blooms burst upon us then leave quickly. Savor the season. Slow down and touch the flowers. Inhale the fragrant air.

Then take a nap.



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Been On A Weekend Shopping Safari?

by Kimberly A. Cook               (Twitter@   WarriorTales)

Spent this past weekend dashing around like a maniac. Zipped over to Craft Warehouse for their tent sale on Saturday, then managed to get stuck in our first rain storm in two months on the freeway. The downpour created two traffic jams and two car wrecks I avoided in 75 minutes trying to get to my writer support group; but All’s Well That End’s Well. Made it!

A favorite sign at Craft Warehouse. I may have to go back and get this....

A favorite sign at Craft Warehouse. I may have to go back and get this….

On Sunday I zoomed over to the grocery store to hand off a wedding gift and try to beat the after church crowds at the same time. While waiting at the designated outside meeting spot, I noticed the bees busily working away on the flowers in the garden center. Go bees! Took out my ever ready camera and got a few pics.

Then finished up Sunday by binge-watching three “Who Do You Think You Are” shows on The Learning Channel before the start of the new season that night. It’s like a cozy mystery for every show and so fun to follow the genealogy trails.

I enjoy when they use military records, since heaven knows there is always paper involved when serving in the military. A nice by-product of the tv watching was Spec Ops Cat approved of the lap time.

So we got some rain, had a cool weekend, and here comes the heat again. Seriously, Mother Nature is having hot flashes and I can do without temps in the 90s. Let’s hope for cooler temps than predicted and if not, keep your cameras ready for the outfits! In high heat I see the most amazing clothes combos.

Bee on the job. Even on Sunday!

Bee on the job. Even on Sunday!

P.S. Happy Birthday to Beatrix Potter today. Her “little bunny book” as she called it, “Peter Rabbit,” helped her preserve hundreds of acres in the Lake District of England. The little bunny that could!


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