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The Gnomes Are Coming!

by Kimberly A. Cook

Obviously I’ve been much busier than I realized the last three months, because I missed the new “Sherlock Gnomes” trailer! Saw it on tv last night and had to share. We got another snow event warning late Thursday, so what better way to look forward to Spring than the return of the gnomes!

My Gnomeo and Juliet are safe in the garage this winter, along with the rest of the gnomes and critters. Some need makeovers for this summer. But I am so excited to have a new Gnomes movie. Unleash the popcorn March 23rd!

Have a great weekend and Happy Quirky Friday!


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Are You A Lawn Swinger?

by Kimberly A. Cook                      (Twitter  @ WarriorTales)

Saturday was a big day in my backyard. Finally the official set up and use of the lawn swing happened. Friends used their mechanical skills to fix part of the seat the Sunday before, so all systems were go for launch.


One of my happiest places on this planet. Got a lawn swing?


This was a big deal for several reasons, first being the weather was so stupid hot and wet last summer the lawn swing never made it out of the garage. The tragedy of it all. Second, this vintage lawn swing is a family heirloom and brings back so many memories. It’s built like a tank and keeps on swinging.

Third, there is nothing like taking a summer afternoon swing snooze or a morning reading nap while moving back and forth and hearing the clink of the metal bounce against the frame. A calming, quiet, soothing ritual of time passing in slow waves instead of maniac moments.


Juliet is back in town! That girl has got to keep herself together. 


Other reasons to celebrate included Juliet getting herself glued together for the second time after falling apart again. Gave her a black duct tape belt this time too. Gnomeo was quite happy to see her back in the neighborhood.

Then The Fairy rose showed off some late blooms in the early morning light in the garden. Pink, roses and clusters all in one rose bush, be still my heart. Aptly named since the Fairy Rock Garden is still under construction in the vicinity.

IMG_1664 (2).JPG

This is the only rose in my yard with the guts and grit to grow in the clay soil instead of in a big pot. This Fairy Rose is hard core. Plus pretty in pink.   


August is a time to enjoy the lazy days of summer, take a snooze on a lawn swing and slow down and sip the lemonade.

Enjoy August!



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Can You Crocodile Rock With The Gnomes?

by Kimberly A. Cook               (Twitter@   WarriorTales)

It’s been so great to have all the gnomes back on the patio this week I can’t help but go a little nuts. What better way to celebrate the coming weekend and beautiful weather than a Gnomeo and Juliet dance off! Since I know the gnomes run around and have great fun when I’m not looking, it’s nice to be able to catch their antics on film. Check out the moves by the pink flamingoes!

Have a great weekend and Happy Quirky Friday!


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Back On The Patio Again…..

by Kimberly A. Cook            (Twitter@  WarriorTales)

My to do list for this past long weekend was quite optimistic. However, I did accomplish about half of the things so that is a big win in my book. One of the most important items was releasing the yard gnomes from the garage.

Gnomeo is pretty darn happy Juliet managed to get herself together and return to the yard. He's such a flirt!

Gnomeo is pretty darn happy Juliet managed to get herself together and return to the yard. He’s such a flirt!

The poor buggers have been locked up ever since the fence went down in the big blow in early February. Through no fault of their own they had to be rounded up and secured in the garage for their own safety.

While the construction schedule and then actual fence replacing got under way, it was three long months of incarceration. I missed the little tykes.

So with the fence recently completed, this weekend was the big event. This included getting all the gnomes and yard buddies scrubbed up and getting Juliet put back together. Thanks to the miracle of Gorilla Glue, I was able to keep her from falling apart and get her two halves reacquainted. Much to Gnomeo’s delight as you can see in the picture.

Then yesterday there was a release party complete with chips, burgers and strawberry shortcake with a select invited crowd and the celebration began. Capping off the big event included the introduction of a new member to the family, Book Gnome. Life is good. We even got a few peeks of sunlight during the afternoon festivities.

Now it’s time to move on to the next items on the to do list; cutting fence planks and tech issues. Think I’d rather go play with the gnomes……


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Time To Hide The Gnomes And Trim The Roses

by Kimberly A. Cook             (Twitter@ WarriorTales)

Last week was a bit nuts. Came home on Feb. 9th during the Pineapple Express rainstorm at 8 p.m. and found the gusting winds had flattened part of my backyard fence. Oh joy. So while I was out making macrame out of my orange extension cords and using my black and yellow caution tape to secure the kinda upright fence sections from killing someone, it occurred to me that might be an odd thing – that I didn’t have r0pe, but I had Caution tape.

Gnomes, rabbits and frogs sequestered at an undisclosed location. Gnomeo seems too happy Juliet is gone. What's up with that?

Gnomes, rabbits and frogs sequestered at an undisclosed location. Gnomeo seems too happy Juliet is gone. Suspicious?

One never knows what supplies are about with a writer in the house. After an hour out in the “Dark and Stormy Night” as Snoopy would write, I came inside, peeled off wet clothes, gave Spec Ops Cat thirty minutes of lap time and hit the sack.

Later in the week on Friday the 13th our Governor resigned, on Saturday we all celebrated Valentine’s Day, Oregon’s 156th and my Mom’s birthday, plus tore apart the damaged fence with help from big elves. A fun time was had by all, assisted by the fact there were not one, but two birthday cakes to eat.

I think cake fixes everything. Except fences, but you don’t care when you have chocolate cake.

Because part of my yard was unsecured, I had to round-up the gnomes, bunnies, flamingoes, turtles, polar bear and frogs. I’ve been the victim of a gnome kidnapping before and the trauma still haunts me. During the big gnome relocation I realized I’ve got a herd of yard art.

Then I got really paranoid and moved the lawn swing inside for safe keeping too. There was one casualty. When I reached to get the mega-hammer from the tool box to break apart the fence with my elf helpers, I hit Gnomeo with my foot and he hit Juliet who fell over and broke in two. Rats!

Now she has to go to the hospital to get fixed. I’m thinking Gorilla Glue and red Duct Tape. We shall see. So what did I do until I can get Juliet to the hospital? I went ahead and trimmed the roses, which is what we do here in Portland Rose Festival land on President’s Day.

Regardless of politics, rain storms, damaged yard art and flat fences, it’s time to trim the roses! But everything is fine here because there are leftover chocolate birthday cupcakes. Life is good!


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