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Ready For Romance?

by Kimberly A. Cook                     (Twitter@  WarriorTales)

There are many types of romance, but digging out of a historic snowstorm and freezing rain/ice mess topped it for me last Thursday. Finally able to get out for a girl’s lunch at Monticello Antiques and Monti’s Café. Heaven!


How is this for a fabulous display? I use red accents in my pink kitchen and it works great. White and red are such perfect colors together with a dash of pink.


When what to my wondering eyes appeared but red and white decorations telling me Valentine’s Day is near. The main reason I was so happy is because it means Spring is on its way. When even the Weather Channel says Portland is number one on the winter-fatigue scale, being able to shop is romantic.

Wanted to share some of the finds I found in my browsing. It was so fun to be out of the house, snow, ice, arctic cold temps without a snow shovel and my Danner Fort Lewis boots.

I discovered jewelry jars, but after a thorough scan of the contents I decided I didn’t need these; still have a bunch at home.


Jewelry treasure jars!


Thought these buttons were so cute and festive, plus vintage. Can’t we just kick ourselves for all the stuff we got rid of which is vintage now?


Vintage button bonanza!


Found another pink mini-teapot that I managed to not buy. It was a tough decision, but I am out of teapot display space. Completely.


I’ve got at least three pink mini-teapots. Maybe it’s four. This one had to stay put until I can take inventory.


Then this fabulous find would have gone home with me if I had a bigger house. Who doesn’t need a pink couch? Really!


Spec Ops Cat would love to curl up on this beauty.


There is more daylight now. It’s time to buy Valentine candy for all the folks we love, including ourselves. My motto is buy early because by the actual day all the good candy has been sold on clearance. Better put it on your shopping list for Super Bowl party goodies. Just to be safe.

Happy Almost Romantic February!


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Got A Pumpkin Invasion?

by Kimberly A. Cook                   (Twitter@  WarriorTales)

Running errands on Friday I stopped at the store and saw the big orange invasion; pumpkins everywhere! White pumpkins, bumpy pumpkins, baby pumpkins, miniature pumpkins, regular pumpkins and ceramic pumpkins. Plus all the Halloween candy one’s heart desires.


A pile of perfect pumpkins!


Time to stock up now! If you want the good Halloween candy you have to buy in September, because the locusts come in and all that is left by mid-October is the candy nobody really likes. Consider yourselves warned.

The reason I was in the garden section was to find discounted items for the Fairy Rock Garden and perhaps a gazing ball on sale. Scored on all accounts. The garden art was twenty-five percent off, including the gazing ball, picked up some plastic butterflies,  a couple mini-elves and a mini-house.

Bargains make me so happy, but I’m sure there must be a garden art intervention in my future.


Pumpkins for every taste. Think these are free range pumpkins.


More leaves are turning colors and falling off the trees, the tomatoes are giving their last crop of bounty and the weekend rainstorm reminded us all why we like sweaters and warm socks. The sun is coming back this week, but the shorter days tell the story; soon it will be time for pumpkin pie!

So the outside chores to do list is heating up. I will try to finally get the garage cleaned up and mucked out. Then it will be time to put the lawn swing away for the winter and break out the fuzzy blankets and fleece lounging jammies for cuddles.

Celebrate the seasons and enjoy the simple pleasures. Planting new bulbs is always a good idea to see what pops up in the new year. Must go back to the garden section while the sales are still raging. Plus pick up some extra Halloween candy. Just to be sure……

Got treats for tricks?


P.S. A salute to the first responders, law enforcement staff, military personnel and citizens who helped this past weekend after the terrorist acts on the East Coast. Wishing all those wounded and injured to heal fast and know you are in our hearts and prayers.

While we seek justice against terrorist acts, we must not lose our compassion. Fighting terrorism is not easy and it won’t be finished overnight. But with a United States population of more than 330 million strong, we’ve got this and we will finish it one day. Count on it.


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Been On A Weekend Shopping Safari?

by Kimberly A. Cook               (Twitter@   WarriorTales)

Spent this past weekend dashing around like a maniac. Zipped over to Craft Warehouse for their tent sale on Saturday, then managed to get stuck in our first rain storm in two months on the freeway. The downpour created two traffic jams and two car wrecks I avoided in 75 minutes trying to get to my writer support group; but All’s Well That End’s Well. Made it!

A favorite sign at Craft Warehouse. I may have to go back and get this....

A favorite sign at Craft Warehouse. I may have to go back and get this….

On Sunday I zoomed over to the grocery store to hand off a wedding gift and try to beat the after church crowds at the same time. While waiting at the designated outside meeting spot, I noticed the bees busily working away on the flowers in the garden center. Go bees! Took out my ever ready camera and got a few pics.

Then finished up Sunday by binge-watching three “Who Do You Think You Are” shows on The Learning Channel before the start of the new season that night. It’s like a cozy mystery for every show and so fun to follow the genealogy trails.

I enjoy when they use military records, since heaven knows there is always paper involved when serving in the military. A nice by-product of the tv watching was Spec Ops Cat approved of the lap time.

So we got some rain, had a cool weekend, and here comes the heat again. Seriously, Mother Nature is having hot flashes and I can do without temps in the 90s. Let’s hope for cooler temps than predicted and if not, keep your cameras ready for the outfits! In high heat I see the most amazing clothes combos.

Bee on the job. Even on Sunday!

Bee on the job. Even on Sunday!

P.S. Happy Birthday to Beatrix Potter today. Her “little bunny book” as she called it, “Peter Rabbit,” helped her preserve hundreds of acres in the Lake District of England. The little bunny that could!


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How About Taking A Shopping Vacation?

by Kimberly A. Cook           (Twitter@   WarriorTales)

Spent time at my favorite antique store last Friday and found a treasure I can’t afford. Peeking out from under a lamp base and a radio was a fabulous wicker travel desk. This little piece of furniture immediately got me to thinking of the British Empire in India and Lawrence of Arabia all at the same time.

This is how I first caught sight of this beauty....

This is how I first caught sight of this beauty….

It’s an amazing desk with cubicles and drawers and hiding spots. Perfect for someone with a small space who could put their laptop right on top of the fold out table.

While I would have loved to snap it up, for the tune of $550 I didn’t. Taking a picture was close.

I require space to spread out on my desk, but oh the mind vacation and adventures I could dream of sitting at this little piece of history. That is one of the reasons I love looking at antique stores and perusing gadgets and gidgets of the past.

My imagination loves to take walks on the wild side when shopping. Plus I might find some treasures I can’t live without for the bead, book, shoe, and teapot collections.

The weekend before I made a slow mosey through our local Salvation Army Store. Scanned for a small drawer unit to up-cycle and make into a bathroom storage cabinet, but no luck on my quest.

I did find out where vases, punch bowls and extra plates wind up though.

I’ve had great luck treasure hunting at Goodwill Stores in the past, but that was my first foray into Salvation Army. Think I must be more of a Goodwill Girl. Still love my large ginger jar shaped yellow lamp base I got for $5 and my small facial tissue box cover for $1. The prices were right.

Look at the drawers and cubby holes!

Look at the drawers and cubby holes!

Thinking about the stories behind the items I take home makes me imagine what kind of lives they had and who bought them first.

I’d really like to know the story behind that antique travelling desk. Maybe the real Lawrence of Arabia used it after all?

Got any fun shopping finds?

P.S. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Bet there is a Leprechaun in one of those wee drawers…..


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