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Happy Veterans Day

by Kimberly A. Cook

On Veterans Day eve I want to send out Veterans Day wishes to all our military vets, two and four-legged. Thank you for your service and your dedication to our country.

Since those of us who have served in the military are a smaller and smaller percentage of the United States population, veteran stories may not reach all our citizens.

For veterans struggling with the return from war, deployments and even sexual assault, know you are loved and hugged by your fellow veterans. Reach out and get help. We’re all still in the buddy system.

Whether you prefer Veterans Day ceremonies or choose to spend the day in reflection and quiet, know you have served our country with true citizenship in action.

Thank you. Enjoy your day.




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Veterans Day Thank You

by Kimberly A. Cook                 (Twitter@  WarriorTales)

To all who have served in the military, thank you. For all who continue to deal with the challenges of war and service, you are loved and not forgotten. To our future veterans serving today, we look forward to welcoming you when your tours of service end.

Happy Veterans Day to all who have earned it through service to our country. Including our military animals who served and therapy dogs who support our veterans after service.




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Happy Veterans Day U.S. Warriors

by Kimberly A Cook                (Twitter@   WarriorTales)

Tomorrow is Veterans Day and I wanted to say thank you to all my fellow veterans for their service. It’s nice to be remembered on a national holiday, but we are veterans every day. For veterans who return with medical and mental health issues, each day is another fight for them and their families and friends.

We don’t ask for parades and big ceremonies; we serve because we love our country and we took an oath to defend the United States against all enemies. Veterans have been hurt and injured during war, peace and in training. Saying thank you is enough, but for wounded and disabled warriors do what you can to help them throughout the year, especially supporting their family caregivers.

Serving changes us all. Even the four-legged vets. Thanks for remembering.


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Happy Veterans Day To All Who Have, Are Now And Will Serve

by Kimberly A. Cook                         (Twitter@ WarriorTales)

Happy Veterans Day! To all my warrior sisters and brothers who have served in the Army, Navy, National Guard, Marines, Coast Guard, Air Force and Merchant Marine, active duty and reserve, thank you for your service. While we are veterans everyday, it is nice the nation sets aside one day to say thank you.

Our fabulous pink (me) and purple (Karen) fleece outfits before the 5K walk. Notice my first ever bib race number!

Our fabulous pink (me) and purple (Karen) fleece outfits before the 5K walk. Notice my first ever bib race number!

In honor of this day, I decided to do something I had never done before. This past Saturday I entered the first ever Veterans 5K Run/Walk at Camp Withycombe in Clackamas, Oregon.

My power walker sister Karen agreed to go with me and we were registered and off. The Nov. 8 race was 3.1 miles on the Camp Withycombe grounds with luckily a flat as a pancake course.

We got there at 8:30 a.m., got our race numbers and swag then hit the course after the kids. For some reason there were more walkers than runners, but works for me. We got to walk by the display tanks, through the motor pool, a fun time was had by all. They even had a fabulous drummer halfway through the course to help us keep a beat.

Coming attractions: Re-opening August 2015.

Coming attractions: Re-opening August 2015.

Now we did stop and take our pictures with the tanks. Since $10 of each entry fee went to the Oregon Military Museum slated to reopen in August, 2015, you know I was happy to support the tanks and their museum.

Once you’ve served in an Army mechanized division, you always love the tanks. It was a fun event and now we have to plan for next year. Maybe I can reduce my time by a minute or two.


A girl and her tank,,,, a true love story.

A girl and her tank….. a true love story.

I’m not a runner, with old joints and big boobs it’s just not a good thing for me to do. But walking is for me! Think I am going to frame my race number, we never got those when we did the PT tests in the Army or Air Force Reserve.

I also earned the coveted dog tag by completing the course – jewelry! My friends will faint when they’ve learned I competed in an organized athletic event. I’m not known for group games and competitions ever since surviving combat volleyball in the Army.

I’m lucky to have today off from the day job, so I’m going to meet with family for a Veterans Day lunch to honor my Marine Mom, my Army brother-in-law Gordon and my sister Karen for putting up with all of us. We will also have in our hearts my Army Air Corps Dad, my Marine Uncle Rod, my Army Grandpa John, and my brother-in-law’s Army brother David for their past service. We’re a joint service family!

Thank you to all who have served, those currently serving and those who support us. Today is your day!

Karen gets her own tank too! Best sister ever!

Karen gets her own tank too. Best sister ever!


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